A Christmas In Springfield

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could someone upload this mod or share a link?
Sparrow is currently working on the mod (due to bugs, etc.), so the link has been removed for a while. Possibly until Donut Mod 4 is released.
When the update will come out?
From what I understand, Sparrow has been busy with university work and has unfortunately not had time to work on this much as of late.

Unless she responds here saying elsewise, I wouldn't expect an update this year (or at least before Christmas).

I can do a beta test
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So while I haven't been able to do the huge amount of work I wanted to put into this, after many requests I have made a fixer update. This should fix some of the major bugs such as missions being unplayable. Download in original post.
I guess I stand corrected! Nice job, Sparrow. Glad to see the mod back out again. :)
[removed]1 year
it crashes for every mission when i get in the car

Before, I had the exact same issue with a diffrent mod, the reason for this is down to dodgy releases of the game, before I bought a SHAR copy off of Ebay and it never worked so I checked the disc and it was a fake disc with a sticker, anyway I suggest getting a new copy of the game as it will help you out more and prevent you from getting a virus.

I'm saving some time here for you Loren...
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