A Christmas In Springfield

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[deleted user]1 year
Thank you for releasing the Fixer update! I was now able to play through the entire mod without experiencing any crashes. I have now enjoyed the mod to the fullest, it's a bit of shame it wasn't fixed like this since the beginning but I can forgive you since you were busy with University.

Now I still had very minor issues which I will report now as they might be worth mentioning and fixing later if you intend to do a minor fix.

-You can get 16/15 gags (minor bug which can be easily fixed by setting the gag total I guess).
-The trucks that were driving in some of the later missions, had no drivers, so it looked like truck driving by itself. This didn't happen only here, I noticed in a couple other mods but I forgot to report (sorry about that).
-When I finished the 4th mission, Bart appeared in his normal clothes close to where Lisa was placed when mission ends (I think he should have the Christmas clothes on). However Bart from mission (in Christmas clothes) also remained inside car (Electaurus) and you could drive the car as well.
-Similar thing happened in the Steamed Hams mission where after I finished it, I was able to drive Skinner's car that was parked there (normally mission type vehicles shouldn't be enterable after mission ends) until I turned away and it disappeared.
-In the 6th mission (and probably in other missions as well) there weren't any objective icons shown in certain objectives like Go Home or even when talking to Wiggum, there was no icon displayed. Then later when I reached the part with following Snake, the objective immediately changed without saying something like "Follow Snake".
-When I finished the 6th mission and was going to start the last one, I think I saw Bart stuck inside Marge, as they probably spawned on top of each other.
-When some of the later missions ended, it took a while for MISSION COMPLETE text to appear (about 5 or so seconds, compared to immediately like in most missions).
-Bonus mission and street races still not implemented, so maximum you can get is 75.8% completion. Not that it bothers me but I wish at least bonus mission was implemented as I noticed Comic Book Guy (I think he was, last time I checked with cheat keys) is placed INSIDE the Simpsons House and impossible to reach him. I'm assuming there was meant to be a bonus mission and it was never implemented, because of that you decided to hide him?

Now I'm going to talk about the missions, I liked all the missions, they were clever and well done. The first mission that didn't work previously (the 4th one with Bart at Kwik-e-Mart) was also pretty good and you had to be careful on last objective to not blow up the thing you get and I made sure to go slowly first and I made it in time, no problem. The final mission was pretty intense, I got 3 Hit & Runs in it (as I was rushing to get through the items/markers as fast as I can) and I even got busted in first hit & run which happened while I was collecting the presents, I'm just glad I didn't get busted in the others or I would have probably failed the mission, as when I reached Evergreen Terrence I had 3-4 seconds left on clock, while in last part with going home I reached with like 10 seconds on clock. Very challenging and interesting missions right there (though most of them are easy, as I did them in first try)!

Bottom line is I'm very happy to see this update worked perfectly, without any more crashes! I'm still looking forward to the Housewife Duties mod, hopefully it will be finished in the next couple of months.

EDIT: Merry Christmas!

EDIT 2: Okay, who is/are the idiot(s) who downvoted my post which was not only long and informative but also on topic?

EDIT 3: As of June 2019, the post rating was fixed. Thanks to people who have helped to fix the rating. I was annoyed at that time because of the work I put into writing the post, only to have it downvoted just because my post was probably perceived as complaining, when in reality I have ALWAYS given constructive criticism to all mods I have played so far.
@jamiethegreatQ777 where else can i download the game then
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Discussion of piracy is prohibited in this community. If you want the game, buy it on Amazon or Ebay. We cannot help you in finding a working pirated copy online.
Thanks for saving me and my hands on the keyboard Colou!
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Mind uploading a Google Drive link?

(Sorry if this comes off like spam if anyone sees this elsewhere. But,it's the only place I can download mods.)
Hello! I can not play the missions because the character and the npc of the mission do not speak I press intro and nothing happens, I tighten ESC and nothing.

I have the game in Spanish and I already try to take out all the hacks but it continues with the same thing.

It also happens to me with the Storm Over Springfield mod and I do not know what it could be.

If it is because it is in Spanish could you give me a patch or something to put it in English?
Yes, the issue is indeed that you are using the Spanish version, which this modification does not support. You could obtain the English version by re-installing the game, and picking "English" as the desired language in the Setup Wizard. I believe there may also be a much more hassle-free way to do this with Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher but I'm not sure.
porque quitaste el juego de mega? ponlo de nuevo yo quiero jugarlo
[removed]8 months
[deleted user]7 months
i wanted is mod in months and i cant download it can i please ,,test it,,
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