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Mod Showcase / [Mod] Principal Skinner's Guide to an Odyssey [Demo Release]

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Mihai Ficiu
2 months ago

Demo Contents
* L1M0
* L1M1
More content might come within patches

Download B0.3
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2 months ago · edited
Nice start, look forward to playing the full version!

  • Challenging, but not too challenging. Took a few tries
  • The Krusty Burger van is maybe a little bit fast, I was lucky enough to get it stuck but otherwise I couldn't keep up
  • Nice mission idea, seems like the kind of thing Skinner would do.
  • Honestly I think this mission was easier than L1M0, the destroy missions should maybe have timers
  • At the end the wrong mission objective is displayed (I know it's beta, just thought it was worth saying)

Again, good mod, although I do have one question...
What's an odyssey?
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2 months ago
Woah, that was unexpected. I'll have a play, looks good.

An odyssey is a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience.
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1 month ago
Mihai Ficiu, this is a very cool Skinner mod. Can't wait to see 6 more missions created in that mod. Keep up the good work, bud. Give me thumbs.

Yours truly, BartBoy1998 ;)
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