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Where in the files are the teleport images, and where is the code that clicking teleports a character? For example, I have a rainbow portal image here. I had an idea if it was on the ground and a character stood on it and clicked, it would teleport them somewhere.

My bad, I meant to put it on Mod Help
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When you say teleport, do you mean when you change missions/levels?¿
I'm going to redact my previous reply now. Can you elaborate more on what exactly you're trying to do? Do you mean something like the Well in Kamp Krusty where just hopping in the well at any time and pressing action teleports you down to that drain pipe?
Yes exactly. For example in the Simpsons back yard, clicking on it teleports to say, Mr Burns Manor (places that already exist in the game)

If it could work to teleport to custom worlds that could be pretty cool too
Can someone please make a tutorial on how to do this because that'd be awesome
These are not at all designed to teleport you great distances like that. It's intended to teleport you to an area within the same zone you're in when used on it's own. You might be able to couple it with a load zone but there's other issues with doing that.
Thanks, I can't say fairer!
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