Creating Recolorable Traffic Vehicles?

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Hello. I have a quick question regarding modding the traffic vehicles encountered in The Simpsons: Hit and Run, and that is how do you make it so that the vehicle in question will appear in multiple colors when it's seen on the road? Thanks.
Since I'm not getting any responses, I'm going to assume due to lack of context, Allow me to provide further elaboration. I'm trying to create a 'Cell-Phone Car' like traffic vehicle, and I would like it to spawn in multiple colors, like the Compact Car, Pickup Truck, Sedan A/B, SUV, etc. etc.

The recolorable traffic cars are actually grey but the opacity is lower (I.E. they're somewhat transparent.) I tried this with my custom Cell-Phone Car traffic vehicle.

When I spawned my custom traffic vehicle in the game with a "Recolorable" index number of 1 in the "CustomCarSupport.meta" file, it showed as a translucent grey, which is exactly what the texture files show in the p3d file. I tried it again, using an index of 0 and It spawned as a solid grey this time.

Neither of these where the results I was going for, and I'm wondering if there is like a certain shade of grey that must be used (I used R:132 G:132 B:132), or opacity percentage (I edited with 20%) that the texture files have to be, or if its a certain number that accompanies the "recolorable" module in the CustomCarSupport.meta file, or something else that wasn't mentioned prior. Thanks.
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