I cant find The server files.

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I have been looking to host one. I have a gaming pc and this is an old game and I did see they were wasting money so I was looking into helping out I never turn off my pc so that might be bad. sorry about my grammar I don't have my checker on anymore cya.
We do not provide server executables for Lucas' Simpsons: Hit & Run Multiplayer. We'll continue wasting money on this pointless server until we decide it was a horrible mistake or we've released the first actual build of multiplayer.

that was fast thanks i dident mean to be rude but that what i read
No worries, there was nothing rude about it.
thank you guys are awesome I just started playing the game and it would be unplayable on this pc without your mods. I'm looking into how to create mods for it with your tools now to help out the community
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