Actually play missions as other characters?

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Hi was wondering if there is anyway i can play any mission as any character ( i know any character cheat and munaul change characters as in change "costume")
What I'm really asking is, is there any way that for example i could play as Selma in Homers first Level and when interacting with NPC's to begin missions still have Homer's voice coming out of Selma or any other character rather than just the silence and not being able to play the mission?
Thanks in advance
Well, I remember on a mod, on level 2, instead of bart it had another char, And had the street races not finshed/bugged, soo everytime I talked with the npcs they both just stared eachother
But I found out that if you make either of both (You or the NPC you try to interact) talk, and while it does, you quickly interact and skip, the scene is skipped and should bring the mission start...

Thooough It could be hard. And since it was a mission start, I could cancel and re-try, but thoose you can't cancel means you are stuck on there and have to close and re-open the game
The game is coded, so you can't make homer's voice coming from Selma's mouth. BUT, you can make a Selma costume for a Homer (Costume, don't add a different character!), then it should work.
@Gordon CMB
and how would i make a selma costume or class it as a costume in the game?
I actually dunno, never made any costumes. But, I suggest, that if you replace some Homer's costume with Selma's model(IN THE P3D FILE OF SOME HOMER'S COSTUME), it will work
There used to be a mod that used characters from the old Road Rage game (The actual console game, not the SHAR mod remake), though they did not speak, at least not that I ever saw. If speech isn't an issue, I would figure a similar mod could also be made. Many of the characters in that Road Rage Characters mod were from the earlier Simpsons episodes and not seen on the show in a long, long time.
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