Donut mod crashes

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Disabled everything except donut mod, on normal or hellfish difficulty, when it gets to the screen full of text after the "Donut mod initialized" screen, it crashes and gives this:
Using latest version of the mod and the launcher.
I've sent to the Donut Mod team/Lucas and they'll look into it.

Can you try verifying your game install. Here's information how:

Download it from

1. If "Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher.exe", its "Hacks" folder or its "Mods" folder are in your game directory, move them elsewhere until after the verification is complete. Do not make any other changes to your game directory in preparation.
2. Open "Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Install Verifier.exe" and click Start and wait for it to complete. It may take awhile, so give it time.
3. After it completes, it should automatically show a Save As Dialogue Box. Save the file somewhere on your computer.
4. If the file is more than a few tens of megabytes or more than you're able to upload, just give us the contents of the log in its entirety displayed on the Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Install Verifier window using a service like
5. If the file is small enough for you to upload, go to and click "Choose files" and browse for the file you saved (assuming you didn't rename it, it should be named the name of your computer followed by "Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Differences.lsp.gz"). This does not require a Dropbox account.
6. If for whatever reason you do not want to upload the file with Dropbox, you can use another service such as MEGA to give us the file.
7. If you give us the file, you do not need to also give us the log as it should be included in the file.
8. If you are only able to give us the log, we may request you manually send us specific files from your game directory. It is preferable that you give us the file if possible.
My installation is not legitimate, but I haven't modified anything in the installation directly as far as I remember. I recently did something with Visual C++, something about installing a different version between the last time I played the game and when I played recently, and my brother also has an illegitimate version, he recently got the launcher and donut mod and he seems to have no problem playing with it, similar computers and all.
As of version 1.16 of my Lucas' Simpsons: Hit & Run Mod Launcher, that's what happens when a save file contains a purchasable reward unlocked that isn't in the rewards file (by index). Prior to that version, the game would just crash. Clicking "Ignore" should ignore the reward being purchased and continue fine although the wrong rewards may be unlocked since if rewards were removed (unless they were only removed from the end), the indices will likely be different. The message may appear multiple times for multiple rewards purchased in the save file that aren't defined in the rewards file.

If you copied in your save file from the base game, this happens as they're incompatible.

You can try the following:
1. Open the mod launcher and press "Launch"
2. Click "Ignore" when that error happens
3. Resume game
4. Save

Not working? Try this:
1. Open the mod launcher.
2. Tick "Donut Mod"
3. Click the "Open..." button in the bottom left hand corner.
4. Click "Saved Games"
5. Delete all the files there.
6. Launch
It was the saved game, thank you so much.
Glad to hear.

Going to lock this thread as your specific issue is solved. If you have anymore issues, please open a new thread.
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