Did anyone made a backup file of the Donut Team Retired Mod Pack?

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First off, I am new to the community, and I just got into Modding for the Simpsons Hit & Run and I really enjoy the wonderful mods the community has made. I discovered that there was a removal of many mods recently and I was disappointed that I just miss the chance to download the Donut Team Retired Mod Pack by just seven days. Now I respect the decision made by the Donut Team to remove the mods and I am not whining for them to bring the mods back. What I am asking is did anyone make a backup file for the Retired Mod Pack in some place like MediaFire or Google Drive or Dropbox as I would appreciate it very much if someone would be kind enough as to point me in the right direction in finding it. I understand that one of the rules stated in the "Before you post" tab above the thread I am typing says "No begging or asking for stuff.", however, I felt that this is more of a request to the community rather than a whine to the development team. I just wanted to reach out and ask politely for help in finding what I am looking for, but if this is a violation of the rules then I will accept the consequences and respect the rules of the community from then on. Whatever happens, I will still thank the talented community for creating such fantastic mods and for sharing them with all of us.
Welcome to the Donut Team community RetroCube17!

We stopped hosting that content because of our efforts to move forward in how we handle release of certain content. However, there are unofficial mirrors and you can find one of those here: https://mega.nz/#!uA9QnJDD!vmdz6qG_i2vElREait9TQDRPqKnUwsBlNGYLrmVRY7s

Thank you very much, Jake Andreoli. I appreciate your efforts. I usually let small things like this not bother me, but I had fond memories playing The Simpsons Hit & Run during my childhood and I just started replaying one of my favorite games. And reliving those moments is just even more exciting with all these amazing mods, especially the Donut Mod. Thank you and good luck with your work.
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