Donut Mod 4: Community Billboard Submissions

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Yeah, we're still taking submissions. :)

That one is great!
[removed]1 year

Ignore the first picture and look at the Tunnelcraft one which is reference to one of the lastest episode.

I'll doubt you like as I'm not good at photoshop so anyone wants to edit it to make it better feel free but this took me way longer then expected to make.
i thunked this one up:

I got two more in stock for you!
(One of them is low-res because I am using it in my mod and it needed to be like that)

(I designed this one because there's gonna be a springshield costume in DM4!)

Hope you like 'em!
Well... whipped up 3 more because I was bored:
(I copied Facebook's simple design approach, but sorta looks a bit boring)

I made two of these since I couldn't find a Hi-Res Box Factory logo, one is stolen from an episode screenshot, and the other is home-made. If someone has a better logo I can replace it. I wanted to come up with something to do with the Box Factory since it is included in DM4.

LukeSteel, that's not how you post images.

What you've done is post a file path for your own computer. Images need to be externally hosted on a site like Imgur, otherwise nobody can view them unless they have access to your computer.
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How do I paste an image?
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