Donut Mod 4: Community Billboard Submissions

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You can use an IMG tag like this.

[removed]1 year
[removed]1 year
the site of course being the image address, Right click the image click "Copy Image Address" then click on the portrait button in the top and paste the URL of the image, it will work automatically.


the correct usage would be:

Check out this guide posted by Jake.


Hope this was worth the trouble.
OwO Read the post! You'll Learn..
I'll just submit them for you:
768 x 768:
128 x 128:
Thanks, sorry for my stupidity, it's my first time doing something like this.
I was bored, so here's a billboard.

Seeing as the industrial zone has a harbour, it makes sense for there to be a 'welcome to Springfield' sign somewhere nearby. Probably on a connecting road or somewhere.

Also Springfeild.
Here are some old ones I made for something else, plus a new one.

I might update this with more if I make some, so I'm not just making a million posts.
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