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27 January 2018 - Changelog (5.0.40)

  • Fixed an issue when showing topics where the site would take up to 16 seconds to load.
  • Adapted code to work with the updated software we're using.
  • Removed dead link to the now removed statistics page.
  • Changed how topic previews show up when a reply has not yet been added.

26 January 2018 - Changelog (5.0.39)

  • Added the new homepage
  • Added the new navbar
  • Added the new user settings page
  • Added a new post editor
  • Added post votes (you can now upvote or downvote posts)
  • Added topic view counts.
  • Added the [center] BBCode tag.
  • Added several links to the Content System page.
  • Added the "AppLookup" API endpoint
  • Added the new Donut Team Management Centre (Staff Members Only)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the "Email Verification" notification wasn't being shown
  • Fixed a bug where the topic response editor was being shown when logged out or your email wasn't confirmed.
  • Fixed a bug where links on the profile were very hard to see. (Thanks for the report SomeBot!)
  • Fixed a bug where switching pages on a topic would make the client lose data about the topic such as it's locked status.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Donut Team" profile was listed as joining 48 years ago.
  • Fixed several event pages having some minor issues.
  • Fixed an issue where emails being sent from Donut Team took a long time to send.
  • Fixed a bug where a deleted reply would not show up in the same format as a non-deleted reply

  • Removed topic zoning as it was under utilised and a broken feature.
  • Removed the original Donut Team Admin Panel (Staff Members Only)

Updated Features and Designs
  • Highlighted replies are now highlighted in green to signify importance on topic pages.
  • Increased members per page to 72 from 36 on the members pages.
  • All moderators/staff members are now highlighted in green to signify importance on the members page.
  • Topic pages now shows the reply field for locked topics if you're a moderator to allow moderator notes to be added.
Flawless update, guys! Hope to see more updates like this :P
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