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Donut Team Mod Store - Questions

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Creators and players,

We will be hosting a video detailing our plans for the Mod Store sometime in February.

We would like to get your feedback, questions and concerns under wraps with this video, making the community understand the technical work that is being put in for this to be accomplished as well as explaining the process of submission.

Please leave all questions below so they can be answered in our upcoming video. They will not be answered in this post

Jake AndreĂžli
How will the Mod Store interact with the upcoming launcher update Bakery? Like would this system be like steam?
Is the mod store going to be an approval sort of place where you upload and wait or can anyone upload a mod instantly?
Will the mod store be online based or a standalone program? Will the mod store have the mod launcher inside of it if it's standalone?
Is there any plans for the mod store to have any functionality with the mod loader, like the store being in the mod loader, kinda like how the steam workshop works (click the button to download, and it downloads right in the right directory)
Will this be on a public test server before release, like the new website was?
If people could rate mods there, would they rate them on a scale (from 1 to let's say 5) or just give them a thumbs up or down?
Thanks for the questions, they will all be answered in the upcoming video.

Keep em coming!
Like other people are asking, would be brilliant to see the store implemented on the launcher similar to the Pinnacle Game Profiler store, with a feedback mechanism similar to Steam. Would you be able to show any screenshots of the mod store on the video so we can get an idea what we are looking forward to?
The content will be free to download, right?
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