Springfield Noire - Check out the Reinvestigated version

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Yeah, sorry for kinda just dropping it in the forum like that. It's just something that bothered me and I wanted to get it off my chest. However this probably wasn't the most appropriate place to do this, so I apologise for that.
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While it's important to offer some criticism now and then, let's keep our cool here, okay? I feel like this discussion has covered everything necessary about the mod's situation, so before this becomes redundant or nonconstructive, you guys will have to talk the rest of this out privately. I hope everything is resolved though; remember to keep it chill.
Oh. So this mod is shit now. Why.
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Hey guys, we're going to lock this thread as the creator of it has left the development team for the mod.

We're going to authorize the new project head for this mod to go ahead and make a new thread whenever they feel is appropriate.

- Loren
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