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It's sometimes a struggle trying to figure out how to edit missions or even create your own missions. Wouldn't it be cool if DonutTeam created a program like P3D editor but to create/edit missions? What do you guys think?
Would be cool, but, I don't think it's possible atm
I have some advices that might help you with mission editing
1. Open various mfk, p3d, con and other files, to understand how to make a mission properly
2. There's also some User created tutorials, that might help you
3. And, if you have some troubles, don't be afraid to ask, someone will definetely help you
Good luck!
@Gordon_CMB the thing is, I was trying to add a bonus mission #2, but as I talk to the mission NPC, it transits to the 'dialogue' thing, and then I can't start the mission, and when I press ESC it just 'inprisons' me in one place and I can't move. Searched, studied all bonus mission files and I couldn't figure out the answer. So it's a confusion, and the software would be AWESOME for it.
You can't create second BM, you can only edit existing one
That's sad. So I suppose I can eliminate Cletus and add another character in another location with a WAY different point of the mission, right?

Can I create more race games, or is that an impossible thing too?
1. Right, but you're gonna need another dialogue aswell
2. Nope, at least, at the moment
Is there a way to disable the 'voice' dialogue and just once you press the action button to start the mission just instantly jump to the mission loading screen (kinda like the wager race thing)? (Thanks for helping alot!!!)
Edit: I used the tutorial you linked me and I created a mission which didn't need or had any dialogue, it was just instantly loading screen. So I got that covered.
Only those "bonus" missions needs dialogue to proceed, as far as I reckon. Races, BM's and etcetera
oh, so is there any way to disable them?
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