Car Bundle

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Just place inside your Mods folder and tick them on your Lucas Launcher

KORN <3 <3 <3 I love it already and I haven't even played it yet.
Thanks yeah im gonna update it with a guitar model in the trunk.
can you set me up a meta.ini for me because mine does not work thanks :)

sos about keep asking thing its just when i was younger i played on ps2 and always want things like this to happen and i just downloaded the game i dont have photoshop nethier so i can edit textures
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To use these mods download Lucas' Mod Launcher, once you've downloaded it place these 3 files into your Lucas' Launcher's mods folder. Tick them off and play. 
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[removed]4 years
also developer are you able to create a mod that just has homers car with roof on it ? 
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