Level 7 - Rich Side Restoration

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(Before downloading, please make sure your Mod Launcher is up to date!)

The Level 7 Rich Side Restoration mod is a mod that you might recall me uploading back on a previous revision of the forums. After spending some time tucked away in my Dropbox folder, I polished it up a bit for a 1.3 release and I'm giving it out again!

The mod's goal is to restore the "Rich Side" of Level 7 that's normally cut off in-game. It does this by using some renamed and slightly modified Level 4 region P3D files, so it looks nearly identical to the original game's Level 7! In addition to this, some missions have been reworked to either use the normally cut-off Rich Side, or work around them entirely.

To use the mod, you must have a save file with Level 7 unlocked (hopefully you do). Download the mod from one of the links below, and then install the mod (if you're unfamiliar with how to do this, please click here).

Which version should I download?:
If you're only interested in playing the mod, I'd probably recommend the compiled version. Everything is in one nice clean file! No extracting! Otherwise, grab the .rar file instead if you're interested in the source.


The bridge to the Rich Side.
The Rich Side in all of it's glory!
President Kang Says...
Stone Cutter's...Hell Tunnel...Eh, could be worse.
Follow that alien car!
Mr. Burns' mansion...creepy...

Download links:
Rich Side Restoration - 1.3 (Compiled)
Rich Side Restoration - 1.3 (Non-Compiled)
Awesome!, gonna play this right away! By the way what font is used on the Kang Billboard i've been looking for it all over!
The font I'm using was extracted straight from Road Rage. It's called AdLib BT. 
Heh heh, at least there's better exploration to do in Level 7 now. I might just use it in my mod! (Of course I'll give full credit if I do.)
Awesome, @SomeBot! I'd love to see what you could do with Level 7 with the other side restored!

And yes, I'd greatly appreciate credit if you don't mind. I forgot to mention in my original post that anybody's free to take the files from the non-compiled version if they're interested in using all of Level  for their mod.
It's a good mod, but the fact that the mod blocks off the rich side in the last mission was kinda disappointing.
Can I use it in my mod? I'll give full credit.
Looks interesting.
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