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This framework is discontinued.

It is not intended for use with any new mods and this thread only exists for historical reasons.
For the resource pack that replaced it, visit this thread.

What does this framework do?

This framework adds the following characters that are not in the original game:
  • Fat Tony
  • Legs
  • Maggie
  • Sideshow Bob

It also does the following to make it easy to use these characters for whatever you'd like:
  • Adds CHO and animation files for each character.
  • Registers the characters in CustomCharacterSupport.ini (if nessecary).
  • Registers the characters in CustomDialogueCharacterCodes.ini.
  • Registers the characters as Debug Skins in Multiplayer.xml.

This mod does not currently include any dialogue for these characters so if you would like to use them, you'll have to gather your own.

What is a framework?

Frameworks are a special type of mod that are only enabled if a mod explicitly requires them, think of them as resource packs. They cannot be enabled by themselves.

How do I use this framework in my mod?

If you'd like to use any of the characters in this framework in your mod, simply add this line to the appropriate section of your mod's Meta.ini:


Note: You should always require at least the minimum version that any characters you're using were added in.

Then you're free to add the characters to your scripts as you would with any other character. For your convenience, here's all the information you need to use them.
  • Fat Tony
    • Character Name: fattony
    • Character Code: Tony
  • Legs
    • Character Name: legs
    • Character Code: Legs
    • Minimum Framework Version: 2.0 (AdditionalCharacters2)
  • Maggie
    • Character Name: maggie
    • Character Code: Mag
    • Minimum Framework Version: 2.0 (AdditionalCharacters2)
  • Sideshow Bob
    • Character Name: ssbob
    • Character Code: Bob

Note: If your mod requires the framework, then we recommend making this clear on your forum thread and also linking back to this thread.

What if I want to modify the characters for my mod?

The framework is decompilable so you can copy files you want to modify into your mod and override the ones in the framework just like you would from the original game.

What if the framework gets updated?

This framework uses the "LegacyResource" feature added in Lucas' Mod Launcher 1.18. This allows the framework to change it's InternalName when new characters are added but maintain backwards compatibility with mods that require the old version.

That aside, we are going to avoid making updates to this framework that would break compatibility with existing mods.

Can I contribute?

If you have a character model you think would be a good fit for this framework, feel free to let us know! We may include it in a future update.

Please note that any of your contributions will be freely available to anyone as this framework is decompilable.


The framework is available here.
Reserved post.
Any other characters planned for the Framework?
Yeah, we plan to update it periodically with new ones.
Can Fat Tony be used in multiplayer?
You can probably enable the framework in multiplayer by dragging it onto the multiplayer launcher. It's not intended to be enabled on it's own but that launcher is special so I think it would work.

EDIT: I looked into this later and this does not work. You need to have a mod that actually uses it.
Why can't I download it anymore :(
Use this link:
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