Steamed Hams: The Mod

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Updated: Added decompiled version, the original wasn't decompilable, so I did it for you!

Ah, Donut Team! I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable mod!

Can we cool it on the constant Steamed Hams references in this chat?

Introducing: Steamed Hams, the mod!

The one mission experience!

  • All the dialogue from the classic scene
  • More area for The Simpsons' Skinner's house
  • New Superintendent Chalmers model made by me
  • And several other things!

Warning: Don't go to the skin shop, it will crash because you're playing as Skinner.

Download Here!

Decompiled Version (Because the original wasn't decompilable)
Truly an unforgettable mod. 10/10 would see aurora borealis again.
Cool! :)
There's part of me that wants to super upvote this. It's similar to super downvote
11/10, not enough firetrucks at the end
Its just the Northern Lights
Excellent mod! Too bad it's not decompilable, I'd love to play around with the inner workings of this mod.
Delightfully Devilish, Nightbane.
This is legitimately one of the best mods I have ever had the privilege of experiencing in any game.

It would be cool if the tutorial mission was something like Skinner meeting up with Superintendent at Springfield Elementary and doing something, since just the Steamed Hams mission is a little short. Still, awesome work!