Steamed Hams: The Mod

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I have a problem, once I install the complete mod, when I play and start the mission, Skinner and Chalmers stare at each other without doing anything, I can not omit the mission or anything, I have to close the game to play again ... someone Who helps me? (I do not know if it's because I have the game in Spanish or something like that)

PD: I'm from Argentina, I'm sorry for my English
I'm going to guess that Nightbane's mod does not modify the dialog script for the Spanish version of the game, rendering this mod broken with anything other than the English release.
Lol. Funny mod. )
I am playing this right now seems intresting
Thanks for making this mod decompilable, Nightbane! I always wanted to mess around with the internals of this mod.
It looks amazing. Well done, Nightbane! When I can download mods (hopefully soon), this will be the first mod I try out.
Awesome mod, man! Could I use your Chalmers model in a mod of mine? You'll receive credit, obviously.
You're free to use as much of the mod as you want.
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