Car won't work

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I'm currently trying to make a new sports car. I exported a part of the Black Ferrini's model and made a small edit to it in blender.

However, when I try to test it, the game just crashes after the "Auto-loading most recent saved game" screen.

I've made all of the required car scripts & other art. I checked to see if I spelled anything wrong, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. Help?
Go into the cars p3d file. Click tools and click rename car at the top. Rename the car to whatever you have called it.
Thanks, but that still didn't work.

The game runs fine when I comment the car out of my rewards.mfk file.
Check if there's typos in the rewards.mfk
(I recommend you to join DT discord server so we will be able to help you in real-time)
Delete your save files or make it a MainMod.

Add this to the [Miscellaneous] section in your Meta.ini
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