The Simpsons Hit & Run: Restoration (Zeta) [Discontinued]

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This topic is not the correct place to ask this kind of questions, @GStazione005
However, there is a video, showing how to launch mods in MP:
No, dont put it on the mod files, you need to drag the lmlm file onto the sharmp launch,
Is there (gasp) BETA HOMER??
but there are beta missions...Two of them or so
will stuff from the leaked beta iso for PS2 be ported/recreated in this mod?
I think most of the stuff is already in the mod (Like that unused stonecutter spoof being played outside)
Besides, the mod was mostly based on a bunch of prerelease articles and that early revised plot script, so, I don't think I'll update the mod with more stuff, but, who knows...
It would make sense to add the beta versions of the Level 1 Introduction and 500 Yard Gash cutscenes, and possibly all of the other cutscenes from the prototype, as most of them, while near final, are missing some sound cues.

Also, maybe implement the fe_trans cues to their' correct usage spots, as it is now known where they would play.
Mind doing a Google Drive link version? My apartments internet can only download files from there for some reason.

If you don't mind.
Of course! Here:
Gordon, you forgot about Lisa's old wheel texture and Moe's sedan wheel rims. Also we need remake Lil' Bandit wheel textures.
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