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Hello there, I noticed the pink Family Sedan in the latest version is shaped similarly to Moe's and Skinner's sedans from the vanilla game. I was wondering if there's any way for me to switch it back to an earlier version I saw from a 3.0.1 playthough? The current version looks nice, but I just personally prefer that one a bit more and I wonder if these things are customizable, or if it all comes conjointly with each new version of the mod (thus making me unable to use the older design if I'm running the latest version).

I learned about the mod and installed it just now, so I'm really new to this. Excuse me if this has been answered before.
Is this about Donut Mod?
Yes. The version I got is v3.2.3.
v3.2.3 does not have the normal/roofed family sedan.
v4 will add this back, soon.
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