Welcoming Two New Community Managers

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We would like to introduce you to two new members of our community managers team:
  • Thomas Donofri (Also known as @Thomas Donofri ) is one of our new community managers. He has a lot of experience working within this community and has built a solid relationship with everyone involved.
  • @Homer (Also known as DoctorBison) has been with this community for sometime and is now the fourth active community manager. While he may be a great shitposter, we believe he can be a great community manager too! We're very happy to have him on board!

We can't wait to see what they both can bring to the table in their new roles!

In other news, we'll be publishing a new status update within the next few days. It will discuss Donut Mod, an upcoming test server and more.

Signing off,
Jake AndreĂžli
Co-Founder of Donut Team
Congratulations, guys!
Good luck helping the communty! ;)
You don't want to know how much this scares me.
Absolutely nothing to be scared of. I can assure you that.
Great job, Thomas and Homer! :)
Ready to get to work!
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