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Recently I found this community and as a studying game developer I wondered how I would even start with creating mods, or character models. simply through looking through the game's files I saw they used as file type called "P3D" and i would like some guidence on how to edit this file type and how to get started with creating some new models for simpsons hit and run.

EDIT : by the way, I am used to working with : Maya, 3DS max and blender if I have too

Hey there, I don't have a lot of time to respond right now but I'll try to point you in the right direction.

Pure3D files or simply P3D files are files that contain art assets and various data types that are used by the game's compiled code and loaded/referenced by plain text scripts (MFK files).

You can poke around in them and modify the vast majority of chunk types this game has using Lucas' Pure3D Editor 4.

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to elaborate on this thread.
is there a way i can use maya to make custom models instead of blender?
Edit: Ah i see all i need to do is asign vertex groups in blender so i can export it as a xml, so can i use maya to model and then import that into blender to assign the vertex groups?
Edit2: i noticed that the models are made up of tris, does that mean i should avoid using quads in the models?
Edit3: Also, what is my budget, does the game have any limitations how how many tris it can have, or a limitation on the resolution of the textures?
Right now we only have plugins for exporting our custom XML format from Blender. This plugin is written in plaintext python scripts though so someone else could port it to Maya if they tried.

For now, yes you could model stuff in Maya then just do the vertex group assignments in Blender. Though you could probably assign the vertex groups on Maya too (if it has a concept of that) as long as you're able to get it to Blender with those intact.

It doesn't matter if you use quads as long as it gets triangulated prior to putting it in the game (I believe our XML exporter does this or has an option for it).

And lastly, this game doesn't appear to have any limitations on polygon count. Or atleast it it does, they're quite high. As an example, someone here once created a car with more polygons than the first 3 levels of the game.
im sorry to keep asking for help like this, but when ever the game tries to load the the vehicle i have modified it crashes here is an image of the vehicle: here
please ask me questions to help me fix this mess

Edit: I changed the part called "fone_vShape" also the texture is 2048 pixels, i had to lower it from 4096 because the editor told me too :)
Edit2: Its fine now, i fixed it i forgot to copy and paste the physics objects and collision objects lol image here
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