My Hit and Collect Mission is crashing, i'm sure all my functions are entered correctly

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If the target vehicle isn't appearing to take any damage, check it's con file. There should be something called SetHitPoints there. That determines how easily the car can be destroyed. In most con files  for mission cars it's usually set to a ludicrous number, such as 100 (so it's pretty much impossible to do any damage to it at this point). Set it something lower such as 1.0 or 2.0. That should make it possible to destroy.

Another small tip is that in Hit & Collect missions, regardless of what the HitPoints are set to, it's impossible for you to destroy the car. Radical intentionally did this so the player couldn't screw themselves over by damaging the car too much, and make the rest of the mission impossible. This means that you shouldn't have to worry about the car taking damage in this stage, and you can set the con file's hit points to whatever you want. Useful if you want to destroy the car in the next stage.

Also make sure you're activating the vehicle again (this time setting it's behavior to "target" or "evade") in the next stage, and make sure you've added the waypoints again in this same stage.

In other news, Lucas was kind enough to quickly update his P3D Editor to support all the copies of the game his Launcher supports. Go grab the updated P3D Editor, and you should be able to edit locators just fine now!
AWESOME now i don't need to use multiple p3d files for waypoints and such! :) Gonna try it out right away and as for the Destroy vehicles i figured that out too thanks

EDIT: P3D Editor is working!, however when i create spawn points for missions for Homer when he spawns none of the chunks of the map load correctly and im floating in a skybox with floating people/cars etc.
Where are you trying to spawn Homer exactly? If you're spawning him REALLY far away from where the pre-mission usually begins, that's bound to cause issues.

In each mxi.mfk and mxsdi.mfk, there's something at the start of the script called "SetDynaLoadData("");". Inside of the function are several region P3Ds. Replace these with the regions you need to load. If you're unfamiliar with what regions you need to load, check out one of Radical's scripts where Homer starts out in a position close to where you're spawning him. Copy the regions SetDynaLoadData is using in that file, paste them into the new script, and you should be set.
Sorted the spawn issue just the limo wont take damage in the Destroy stage and i have edited the .con file for it etc

Again, just to be safe, is the car's AI set to either "target" in the next stage? Have you made sure the Objective is set to:

AddObjective("destroy", "neither");
That tells the game the game that this is the car that needs to be destroyed. You're also sure he's using the correct con file, and the edited con file has been placed in the correct area?
Yes all in the correct area and i didn't add "neither" does that have an effect?
From the best of my knowledge (and everybody else on Donut Team), no, the "neither" doesn't have an effect. Sometimes for whatever reason Radical has "both" or "neither" right after an objective in certain missions. We have no clue what that does (if anything) or what it means, but it doesn't seem to effect anything either. My example only includes it since I copied this from L3M4 but changed the target car.

Have you tried loading another con file that you know should work, such as "Missions\level01\M3dest.con"? Try that briefly and see what happens. You should be able to destroy the car pretty easily with that con file.

And remember, the car will only start taking damage until after the hit and collect stage is completed because of how Radical programmed things, so you really can set the amount of hit points to whatever you want and not worry about the car being destroyed in that stage. 
Well i tried the m3dest.con and also tried setting it to target and it still wont take damage and this is how my mission goes

1.Talk to Barney (pre-mission)
2.Hit the Mafia Limo and Collect the Stolen Possesions 5/5 (stage1=collecting barneys items)
3. Return Barneys items (stage 2)
4. Head home (stage3)
5. Destroy the Mafia Limo which burgled your home. (stage4)
6. Pick up the scattered items on evergreen terrace  (stage5) 

So i don't understand how it isn't taking any damage. everything is located correctly and i tweaked the hitpoints yet it still wont take damage
I'm a bit confused myself. It should be working just fine in that case.

Would you mind if you shared with me the edited P3D file and your scripts (including the car script which I assume you still have edited with the adjusted hitpoints)? The stage should be working just fine based on everything you told me, but I'll be more than willing to take a look at the script as a whole to see what else could be wrong.
I will have to send it later i don't have access to my pc right now
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