Storm Over Springfield - Version 1.06

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Pretty cool mod, but it's a bit too easy. Giving the player the Car Built for Homer or 70's Sports Car instead and decreasing some of the timers might make it harder. Opening up the cemetery could help too. Also, my game keeps crashing when I enter Flander's car after grabbing the Med Kit in the school, so I had to unlock all the missions to play the rest of the mod. I'm looking forward to see the final version of the mod, I think it has potential.
Huh, never experienced the issue with Ned's car. That's quite strange.
Glad to hear you enjoyed it though! And don't worry, the later missions are gonna get harder.
awesome job
A couple of observations; when collecting the boards, if you leave the ones closest to Moe's house for last, Cletus will spawn so far you will automatically beat him. This is minor, but if you restart that mission, you will spawn at the cemetery Krusty Burger instead of the Simpson's house, so getting to the trailer park in time becomes pretty easy. Anyways, this is a really nice mod, I'm looking forward to the full version!
I think i need help :D
You appear to have the german version of the game. Because the modified dialog is made for the english release, it will not work with any other version. The game references a different file which hasn't been modified, resulting in that glitch.
Okay, thanks for this information.
Looks like a great mod! Might consider showcasing this
For some reason it wont launch
Can you provide any more information on this? Does it encounter an error in the mod launcher? Does it crash when it launches?
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