Storm Over Springfield - Version 1.06

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[deleted user#1717]2 years
hoardmodder, please keep the conversation on this thread relevant to the mod. If you want help creating your own mod feel free to make your own thread about it.
Anyone who was experiencing issues with launching this mod (it crashing on startup with no message:

Please try this mod with the newest version of the launcher (1.18.2) as hopefully this will resolve the issue.
The missions, the challenges, the vehicle rewards are all complete. Expect a release very soon!
But in the meantime, the main forum post now has more screenshots of the later missions.
Oh wow that last screenshot is superb, can't wait for the release now
Everyone, the waiting is over. Storm Over Springfield Version 1.0 is out!
I'd just like to say thank you to all of the brilliant beta testers who helped out over the development of this mod, couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks guys!
I hope that this has been worth the wait for you all!
If DT staff would've reward mods with the "Best mod of the month" awards, then SOS would definetely won one :p
Good job, Colou, you made a really awesome mod that is both fun and interesting to play!
What an impressive and unique mod! I really liked the custom interiors and some new objectives, along with the final mission where you actually are in the eye of the storm.
[removed]2 years
This mod looks very good I had very fun in this mod I was especially enjoying it when the storm was very strong Nice Mod BTW :)
seriously though cool mod!
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