Storm Over Springfield - Version 1.06

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I just finished the mod and there was a .cho error. It has to do with the skeleton for homer(11).cho. because of that my game crashed...
Congratulations on your release!

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amazing mod
Awesome job! The tornadoes in mission 7 were a bit too hazardous, but in a good way. :)
I loved the mod. I can see a lot of effort put into it and some good use with the additional script functionality in some of the missions. The custom vehicles and textures don't look immersion breaking and look like they could have been made by Radical. Very impressed by it.
For me it says the required framework "additional characters" isn't loaded.
You need to download the Additional Characters framework from here
Whoops, looks like I forgot to put a notice about that. I'll do that right now!
For some reason on the Flanders mission on Level 1 whenever I collect the first aid kit and try to get back in his car the game crashes. The same thing happens whenever I try to enter a car in Dount Mod for some reason now. how do I fix this?
This issue was reported before, and it is because of an issue in non-legitimate copies of the game. The only solution is to by a real copy.
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