Storm Over Springfield - Version 1.06

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I love this mod! One screenshot shows how much love was put into this:

- Thomas
I noticed a bug in the final mission. When you go in first person the fog completely disappears.
That's because of how Bumper Cam works. That cannot be fixed.
I like how you put the 1979 Honda Accord in mod

Minor update!

This fixes a game crash where a piece of audio was incorrectly encoded, causing the game to crash if it played.
[removed]2 years


Alright, here again with another update, this time slightly less minor!

This fixes issues with the Wager Race, and in my eyes the whole Wager Race was just a big issue. So this version has a brand new Wager Race, and I think I did much better on this one!

(I also think I did much better than Radical, because this has actual challenge outside of a timer)
Okay, I just played the final release for the first time.



Again, another minor update.
This should hopefully fix a crash at the end of M7, so people can finally finish the mod 100%!
I also improved the handling of the Orange Station Wagon, and fixed a collision issue on Louie's Sedan in the Wager Race.

Could the mod be decompilable? I want Chalmers' car, I'm just asking if you can, if you can't, do not worry.
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