Storm Over Springfield - Version 1.06

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There are no plans to make the mod decompilable.
ok thanks
This was an amazing mod. Especially in the final mission with the tornado and the storm effect , also the fact that some cars when they get damaged the model actually changes not just the textures. One problem I had though was that when i finished the final mission the game would lock up and crash. But other than that it was awesome
Yes, is totally cool and awesome, the best mod. :D
Even though it definitely seemed fixed the first time I tried it, the crash on M7 seems to still exist. Frustrating stuff. A more minor bug I had was when it treated the Homer in the Sedan at the start as not the player character, as in I couldn't get out of the car and once I blew up the car and Homer jumped out, I couldn't control him. A simple mission cancel and restart fixed it though
I'm sorry to say, but the Homer skeleton bug still happens consistently after beating the last mission (it also happens when restarting the mission during the last part). This luckily didn't happen the very first time I played the mod (v1.02) so I gotta admit having some sort of "epilogue" before the credits was pretty cool.

Anyways, this easily became my favorite SHAR mod up there with ACIS (speaking of which, you could lend Sparrow that Honda Accord since hers features a race with Chalmers lol). It's impressive how great missions you managed to make out of a relatively simple concept. They even give you a sense of urgency by letting you know that the storm is eventually coming, but what sells it for me is that the final one actually delivers with the freaking hurricane itself being there as an obstacle (and a realistically overpowered one, at that). And considering the second-to-last mission already felt like a big finale, you even managed to top that one. Good stuff.
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the mod so much! As for the M7 crash, I'm almost certain I've nailed down what causes it, and I'll experiment with the code when I get home to see what I can do. From testing it seems to be the result of using a costume other than Homer's default costume. So until I am able to get a fix in place, just use the normal outfit.


Finally! The M7 crash is fixed! Big thanks to Loren and Lucas on this one, I wouldn't have been able to fix it without both of you.

For anyone who is experiencing this issue themselves, it is caused by using SetStageCharacter in the final stage of a mission, with the animation set to something different than what the player is using (in this case, Bart's animations) There are a few workarounds for this, but the simplest and most effective is loading the player character's model in "level.mfk" Hope this is helpful to someone!
Hi, Colou. I'm not particularly new to the site but I've never really used an account before, lol, can't find the messaging button.

Anyway, I've made a playthrough of Storm over Springfield and was wondering if you had objections to me putting it on youtube. I meant to ask before I started but I'm slow and the mod was far too enjoyable to wait anyway, lol.

Thank you.

Edit: To clarify my terrible wording - the gameplay is not up on youtube yet, I would not do that without permission, of course.
I'm not Colou, and I can't neither allow nor disallow you to upload the videos, but, seeing how both Nightbane and Sid3300 still have their SOS videos on YT, without sues, copyright strikes and etc...I think Colou doesn't tries to prevent any gameplay video of the mod, so...
Of course you still have to wait for Colou's answer just in case
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