Storm Over Springfield - Version 1.06

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Yeah, I don't object to any YouTube videos of my mods. I don't even think I could do anything to stop people if I wanted, mods can't really be 'copyrighted' seeing as it's 90% copyrighted content anyway.
Ah, I didn't notice that Nightbane also did one. I ddn't actually think a 'showcase' was showing the entire playthrough of the mod either, but that's fantastic.

Also, it's true that you couldn't necessarily forbid anyone to upload your mods, but on the same token it would be incredibly impolite and that's not how I roll. It wasn't the copyright infringement or anything I was worried about, it was that Colou took the time to make such a wonderfully infuriating mod (I suck, I know).

Also, any tips for the last mission? I am really struggling. Evading burns is a joke, although beating Smithers to the plant was quite rough -- but I am really having trouble getting back to the Simpsons residence in under a minute. I might just need to get better at handling terribly bulky cars, lol.
There's not really much help I can give you except that being faster on the earlier stages really helps, as otherwise the end gets really tight and hard to reach. Note that you can save some time on Lovejoy's stage by getting to around the gas station, turning around and waiting for him to reach the end of his route.

And you'll be happy to know there's one more mission after that! Hope you don't get too annoyed at failing (although the last mission is probably not as hard overall as the previous one)
Uhm.... i can make a question of something?
Just played the new 1.04 and I have to say, finally able to finish it haha.
I loved the mod, overall not something I had ever expected, and nice touches overall

Btw, this didn't happened on the 1.03 version, and I don't know if it was pure coincidence, but on M7 for some reason arround the area of the gas station (rich side) after escaping with bart from Burn's Mansion I got teleported to the middle of nowhere, 2nd try I had (cause I of course losed the mission after said glitch) the camera kind of derped out on the same exact area but didn't got teleported
Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

As for the glitch around the gas station, I don't really know what's up with that? It seems like a weird issue, and I know you're not the only person to experience it because I saw a comment on a Youtube playthrough of the mod where someone said that they had experienced the same issue, with other people agreeing and saying it had also happened to them.

Personally I've never experienced it and I don't know what would actually cause it, because it's just a regular 'goto' objective, no added triggers or anything in that area. Unless I've like corrupted the game heavily, it feels like that shouldn't happen (knowing me it probably is corrupt or something)
(srry im out some days)
from where is the model of skinner car?
could not load 'Storm Over Springfeild' (something about framework )
'Additional Characters' not loaded

That suggests that you don't have the Additional Characters framework installed. Download it from that page and unpack the ZIP file into your Mods folder. For more information regarding this framework, you can check the General Information thread.
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