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I recently received a DM on Discord from Loren asking about Additional Characters, and whether it would be worth supporting it in the future. I, as well as the others who were asked, said that it probably wasn't worth it as it was just too much of a hassle for the little convenience it gave. As such, it will likely be discontinued in the near future.

Because of this, the mod has now been updated so that it doesn't require ACF. All characters that were previously used from ACF now come pre-installed into the mod, meaning there's no need to download them separately. The credits section has also been updated to reflect this.
Can I Have a mediafire link? Mega won't work on my laptop.
I'm not sure why MEGA isn't working for you, but I've added a Dropbox link below the download button. I'm not personally a fan of Mediafire.

You are aware of the way MEGA downloads files, aren't you? It needs to process the download on the site first (indicated by a progress bar) and then it downloads the file. It makes for much faster downloading and is useful when downloading large files.

The reason I say this is because MEGA is much more convenient for uploading files to, in my opinion. I'd appreciate if I didn't have to add alternative links for everything because it just slows everything down.
Here is a pic of why it's not working:
and sorry for doing this. You don't have to add extra links.
[deleted user]1 year
I just played and finished this mod 100% a couple of days ago (I only played the demo version before and waited for a final version with all issues sorted out) and I got to say that it is the BEST SHAR mod I have ever played, it was extremely polished and fun and it's the only mod I would personally rate 10/10 (it is on par with Donut Team releases in terms of quality, at least compared to upcoming Donut Mod 4 and not to something like Road Rage Returns, which with due respect, it had quite a bunch of glitches and crashes in it).

Anyway speaking of the mod, I enjoyed everything at this, from the storyline of mod (it's something unique compared to the other mods released) to the missions, to collectibles, vehicles and so on. You can tell that Colou put a lot of care and effort into the mod (as well as his other mods) and I have yet to play a mod that surpasses this in quality. It's only a level mod but it's much more polished than other mods that had say 2 levels and a bunch of glitches in it.

The missions were a lot of fun. I remember them being extremely balanced and I don't have anything to complain. The time-limits were fair and didn't have any trouble with any of them. I only failed one time the mission where you help Wiggum (I will get to the reason shortly) and also twice the Millhouse challenge but everything else I've done in first try. And I especially liked how many missions take advantage of the recent Additional Script Functionality features.

The first mission is an easy tutorial mission. You just drive to Kwik-e-Mart and must buy food supplies but then you find out that they were sold out, so you just find a truck to smash and collect 8 items.

The next mission is about finding Grandpa. Once again easy stuff, you just follow a truck and collect boxes until you get to Grandpa and bring him to retirement castle.

The next one is about collecting more supplies and destroying Willie's tractor before reaching school. Then making your way back home. It is a bit more challenging than previous missions but still pretty easy.

The next one is about collecting medkits for Ned Flanders and it's interesting, although Ned's car handled a bit weird but I'm guessing it's because it's based off Compact Car traffic vehicle and that's why it is a bit tricky to handle but like the previous mission, it's still pretty easy, so you don't need to worry.

The next mission is where you help Wiggum and I gotta say that at the part where you follow Snake WHILE collecting fireworks, I didn't manage to collect all 4 in time and left one behind while I kept following Snake until after he reached close to tomacco field and he was driving in circles. I was trying to push his car towards power plant so I don't lose him but in the end all I did was destroy his car after smashing it so many times (while also repairing my police car with the nearby wrench) and I tried to go back to power plant but failed because I "failed to follow the vehicle", so I restarted and this time I focused on getting the fireworks first, I did the same in future similar steps and realized the mission is quite forgiving in that it gives you enough time to catch up and Snake isn't too fast with his car, so even if meter runs low, you shouldn't have trouble catching up with him. So I wouldn't say it was a difficult mission but it got me first time as I didn't know what to expect until I played it. The mission is still enjoyable.

The next is where you race Barney, Carl and Lenny and then you collect beer cans from the truck while you avoid them. I liked it and found it challenging as well, I was stopped at few points and possibly stuck by the angry drivers while I was trying to hit the truck and get the cans and it was getting a bit intense but I managed to get the cans in time.

Next is where you have to gather all the family members using Ned's bus and you have to do a lot of things while you get 6 minutes to do it (the time limit is for the whole mission) and it has a lot of objectives but what impressed me the most was that you had to actually destroy the power plant's entrance door, that was unique and I haven't seen something like that before in a mod and I also liked the detail of the bus getting dented when you damaged it enough. And I was thinking while doing the mission that I might have missed a family member and indeed it seems we somehow missed Bart but we will get him in next mission.

The next is the final mission where you MUST find Bart while the storm is going outside and it was very tricky because of the tornadoes, I also liked this detail and the fog outside (sadly I found out switching to Bumper Cam immediately removes the fog effect, so I didn't take advantage of that and played normally with the default camera to get the intended difficulty for this mission, why would you want to miss this nice effect anyway?) and later when I reached Power Plant and I saw how the tornadoes still followed me inside and managed to destroy my vehicle and I was going on foot and try to reach the Mr Burns' mansion from inside the plant and once again I liked the part where you kicked the bodyguards so you escape with Bart and go back home. It was a truly epic finale for the mod.

Now when comes to the bonus mission and challenges, I also found them quite unique and interesting.

The bonus mission was nice "Steamed Hams" type of mission that is being popular as of lately (we've had a Steamed Hams mod and also a similar mission in the mod A Christmas in Springfield, so it was about time it makes an appearance in this mod as well) and I will say I definitely enjoyed it.

The challenges are fine, although I found Milhouse's one to be the hardest, I actually nearly completed in my first time but on last 5 seconds I barely crashed and came to a complete stop which caused mission to immediately fail. At first I didn't realize all I needed was to maintain my speed and kept going fast trying to fill the whole bar but even then I did fine...until the last 5 seconds. On second attempt I failed near the beginning, again crashing into an object and third time it was the charm. The vehicles that tried to stop me weren't as bad as I expected, I definitely remember having a lot of trouble in a similar mission in Donut Mod 3 (at least on Hellfish difficulty) where vehicles tried to ram into you but here it seemed a bit more forgiving, despite the fact that you slow down and you fail instantly, whereas in the other case was simply about surviving with your vehicle.

The second challenge was just collecting stuff in a time limit in behind of Mr Burns area, it was really easy. The third challenge was destroying the 3 guys earlier (possibly reference to the earlier L1M5 events, good thing I did all the challenges and bonus mission before L1M7) while not destroying your vehicle, I will say it wasn't too hard to survive, my family sedan was smoking a bit in the end but I maintained the car's health and let them run into wall for most part.

I also did the Wager Race and it was really interesting, I managed to beat the mafia guys without any problem. However I did notice a minor glitch: when finishing the wager race, the message said: "Successful luncheon!" or something along the lines. I think it's a leftover from the bonus mission. This is the only glitch I have noticed in this mod, I think everything else was spot on and very polished.

The new clothes and vehicles are very well made and fit the theme (I especially found the Duff Blimp to be funny). A bit disappointed that there was no new bonus vehicle, maybe the Duff Blimp would have been better suited as a bonus vehicle.

Other than that, I think I would preferred if the wasp cameras were either removed or moved in different places (and possibly differently colored as well, to make them stand out). And maybe have the collector cards have more references to the show instead of showing the beta testers (this is something that applies to other mods out there, I actually have nothing against that and actually prefer that the cards show something new instead if they reused L1 cards for example).

Overall, the mod is still a solid 10/10 (there are so many good things about this mod that it would be a shame to give any lower rating just because of very minor glitches (well it's just one minor glitch), I'm actually happy there weren't any major glitches in this one compared to other mods I played in past which I won't name) and I hope there will be more mods like these in the future, I also wish this mod gets hosted on the main page of the website so it gets more exposure, I know Donut Team said something about this years ago that they want to give more exposure to community made mods or even host them on their main page. I know they promoted this mod (and A Christmas in Springfield last year) when they were released but I feel like this mod deserves to be hosted on the website, maybe on category "Community Mods" or something like that.
Thank you for the nice words, l'm glad to hear that there are still people out there finding this mod and enjoying it.

However I did notice a minor glitch: when finishing the wager race, the message said: "Successful luncheon!"

I have absolutely no idea why that happens. I think it's a side effect of playing the Bonus Mission and then the Water Race afterwards? (excluding the streetraces because they don't use a completion text) Wager Races were never programmed to use mission complete text, and that's likely why it happens.

sadly I found out switching to Bumper Cam immediately removes the fog effect, so I didn't take advantage of that and played normally with the default camera to get the intended difficulty for this mission
Yeah, that's a result of how the fog effect works. I heard that Loren and Lucas were going to look into a way of attaching meshes to the camera, so if that ends up working out then that issue will be able to be fixed.
This is a great mod, though, I'm wondering, is the Orange Station Wagon (the one you unlock by completing all 3 vehicle challenges) suppose to be the Station Wagon that Marge usually drives in the show?
It probably is i'll play with no suppressed drivers on sometimes and when i called the station wagon marge was driving it
Oh ok, I am also wondering why the Orange Station Wagon and Plymouth Astro Wagon don't have door animations nor "damaged" looks (not counting the smoke)
Both cars are based off of traffic cars, and traffic cars don't have moving doors or damage textures. Damage textures are annoyingly hardcoded, and due to the way that the way that the faces on the cars are laid out (and my general lack of knowledge in Blender) it would be too much of a hassle to add them.
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