How to change default costume loaded for levels?

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I edited the rewards.mfk file and swapped out Lisa's (level 3) default costume to a model of Moleman. However, when I go into level 3, I'm still playing as Lisa until I go to the costume shop and load Moleman from there.

Is there any way of loading the Moleman costume by default while loading the level?

Thanks in advance.
You need to change some bits in leveli and level, as well as generate a .cho and animation file for moleman. Then in the level.p3d rename everything with lisa to moleman.

(i'd recommend joining the donut team discord to get a realtime response, from more people)
I'll believe your also going to need Jake's character generator consendring your doing Moleman to this unless it changed since last time I did it.

You get Jake's character generator by asking him for it, so I'll also recommend you join Discord.
My program isn't required, just makes it dead simple.

Here's the latest version, it is no longer maintained and is considered legacy:
I used Jake's Character Generator because it was dead simple.
I've made changes to the level and leveli files and I managed to get it working! Horray!

Thanks for your help everyone!
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