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Loren Goodwin
4 months ago · edited · Executive Staff Member

Today we're launching Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.17.2. Here's the changelog:

Custom Character Support

Added a BlendModeSupport property to characters that allows the usage of Additive and Subtractive shaders.

Here's a version of Homer with his shader set to Additive:

Here's an example of how to use it in CustomCharacterSupport.ini:

Custom Limits

Added support for a [Billboards] section that can define a QuadGroupLimit and a QuadLimit.

Debug Checks

Changed the name of the Missing Locator Detection setting to Experimental Missing Locator Detection.

Debug Test

  • Added No Cursor Until Mouse Move in the Menus tab.
  • Added No Suppressed Drivers in the Miscellaneous tab.

Increased Reward Limit

Increased the limit of car attributes registered with SetCarAttributes from 50 to infinity.

Modern Computer Support

Made the game support running from the A: and B: drives on Windows 10.


Happy modding,
Donut Team
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4 months ago
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