Toad's Turnpike in SHAR!

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Update 1.02 is out!

  • Added L3, a sunset level.
  • Made 'Unlock All Missions' a required hack.
  • Fixed newspapers for L2 and L3
  • Fixed music for L2 and L3
  • Graphical improvements
  • Added an internal name (Because I'm dumb and never actually put one)

Very cool mod, would you have any prospects of porting a island from the ps2 gta games? I would definitely give you the files to do so
Maybe when the model builder comes out (the tool to properly make maps) This was a pain in the neck to make, and those would probably be even harder.
This mod is seriously underrated right now.
Just tried this and I'm frankly blown away. The time and effort that must have gone into this is just painful to think about. Like others have said, the collision isn't perfect but before this I had absolutely no idea this was even possible. Fantastic work!

I really need to check this forum more often.
Update 1.03 is out!

  • Fixed all of the ground collision to be level, so no more annoying bumps in the road.
  • Added a voice for Toad. Now he'll scream when you beat him to death!
  • Credited Nintendo.
  • Did I mention Nintendo made the pylons in this map have grass textures?
  • It's true!
  • Reduced the file size by removing unused files that were taking up a lot of space.

Update 1.04 is out, and this one is pretty large.


  • Added mipmapping to all of the textures, so now they don't distort when you drive too far away.
  • Fixed texture inaccuracies.
  • Improved collision again.
  • Other stuff too, probably.
best maps mod!!! ever for races in multiplayer!!!!!!
Impressive work especially seeing that the map builder hasn't been released yet. Nice Job!
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