[CONTEST] Create an original, one mission mod!

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Thought I might get the community involved a bit, so I'm holding a little contest that you all can take part in!

  • The mod only needs to be one mission long. You can go longer, but no extra points will be given.
  • The mod must be public to everyone (This isn't just for my benefit)
  • There are no set themes for the mission but extra points are given for originality.
  • Don't submit anything that violates the community guidelines.
  • Joke mods are allowed.
  • Try to fix any obvious bugs and glitches please, if your mod is a broken mess then it likely won't win.
  • You cannot submit an already released mod.
  • Post the download for the mod, as well as some info about it, in this thread please.
  • Mods must be finished by the 17th of June I just need some more entries. Come on, people!
Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

By the way, would 'Mod Showcase' be the correct board for this? I'm honestly not too sure which one to pick.
Interesting, probably going to contribute
[removed]1 year
[deleted user]1 year
Sounds fun. I'm in!
I'm in!
Mmm, sounds fun. If I were a bit better at actual mission scripting I might participate. I mean, I understand the concept of scripting but my missions just end up feeling too easy or too hard, which is why I've never released anything.
After seeing some of the stuff people have done, I've decided to extend the deadline to the 12th of June so that more time and effort can be used.
[deleted user]1 year
Extended the deadline again since practically none of the entries are finished yet. It is now on the 17th.
Happy modding!
good luck to any winners

i can't script so yeah
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