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Road Rage Music 2.01

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The original Road Rage Returns Music Mod was taken down in January 2018 as it was simply too broken and glitchy. Now, with the release of the new RMS editor, not only can we re-make the mod but we can also improve it!

As well as custom music, it also randomises between songs just like the original Road Rage.
The mod is also compatible with Road Rage Returns in case you were wondering.
So...have fun?

Remember, please report any bugs you experience and I will try to fix them as soon as I can.
Released a small update that fixes level 4 still using the beginning of the normal Sunday Drive theme rather than the Road Rage version.
Pretty major update! This converts all the audio files in the mod to use OGG, reducing the overall filesize by a whopping 179MB!
Are all the game over music scores added also?
For some reason the mod doesn't work correctly and every time I start a mission it says 'cannot find sound/music/front.06' and the free roam music is the original one from the vanilla version.
Yeah...that's on me I'm afraid. Turns out I hadn't remembered to actually require OggVorbisSupport, but another mod that I had enabled did require OggVorbisSupport. So it seemed fine on my end. I've released a patch now, sorry about the inconvenience.
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