I need to know which specific actions trigger the characters' voice clips

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Someone out there is making a translation mod for Hit & Run, and since I have all the Simpson episodes in our language, I figured I could help them. The thing is, I'm not a modder myself, and I'm not 100% sure which sort of dialogues should I look for.

Could someone list the "categories" that characters' voice clips are organized in, please?

For example, the 5 main characters have different voice clips for:
  • Running
  • Calling a phone booth
  • Getting into the car
  • Crashing
  • Collecting a wrench
  • Jumping high
  • Falling onto the void
  • Destroying the car
  • Getting out of the car

I know I'm missing some, that's why I'm asking to be sure. And I'm not sure about the other "driving" characters (Comic Book Guy, Skinner, etc), neither about "pedestrian" characters (Flanders, Patty, Selma, etc). There are even some characters who have voice clips for when you lose a mission against them, like Smithers. I know I could list them myself, but that would mean playing the game to death and it would take me forever.
Destroying a power coupling, zapped by wasp camera, calling a car in the phone booth with a forced character, failing missions, racing dialogue, police car dialogue, kicking dialogue, miscellaneous button dialogue, red button dialogue, main menu dialogue
collector card obtained, interior gags, the silent alarm, Frostillicus, the el barto dumpsters, the bomb shelter, hans moleman after his camera screenshot, starting a mission,countdown dialogue, and DOH
Thanks a lot!
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