Multi-Meme v1.3 Release (Largest Update Yet!)

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ya descargue el mod y lo extraje con winrar pero no se que hacer con la carpeta donde la pego expliquen bien paso a paso gracias
Please can someone tell me how I add this mod to multiplayer? I have tried putting it in the LucasMultiplayer/Mods directory but when I launch the multiplayer launch.exe, it does not work. I can get it to work on the main singleplayer using the Lucas Mod Launcher but I don't know how to launch multiplayer through the Lucas Mod Launcher (is that even possible?). I have played on Lucas Multiplayer with the standard MultiplayerCarsCharacters mod but I want to use the MemeMod. Any help would be great.
Update: v1.2 has finally come! With over 45 new characters, and 10 new cars, including such priceless artifacts like the Bart-giving-a-thumbs-up car, and some insane usage of VideoTextureSupport and many other texture changes, this update is MASSIVE.
Update: v1.2 fix update is out! 3D Phonebooth Previews is a Supported Mod now, so that it doesn't conflict. Waluigi Strikers was made as tall as normal Waluigi, and fixed some textures in levels 1 and 6.
How The Heck Do I Use Le Characters
Hi XD best mod ever i need a new car plz a flying pizza ufo XD
It's not working for me
Update: v1.3 is out!
The largest update yet, with over 150 new characters, the total character count is now about 350! 5 new vehicles, bringing the total vehicle count to a staggering 64! Custom sound effects are everywhere, and there are LOTS of hidden easter eggs! Find The Dud in every level, find hidden sound effect replacements, and find a brand new Super Smash Bros. stage AND SpongeBob's house in the middle of EVERY level!
Also, the mod should be updated so that it doesn't crash if more than 15 people spawn a car, as I made sure to increase the limit of vehicle and character collision indices to 64.
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