Multi-Meme Release (v1.2 Fix Update)

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ya descargue el mod y lo extraje con winrar pero no se que hacer con la carpeta donde la pego expliquen bien paso a paso gracias
Please can someone tell me how I add this mod to multiplayer? I have tried putting it in the LucasMultiplayer/Mods directory but when I launch the multiplayer launch.exe, it does not work. I can get it to work on the main singleplayer using the Lucas Mod Launcher but I don't know how to launch multiplayer through the Lucas Mod Launcher (is that even possible?). I have played on Lucas Multiplayer with the standard MultiplayerCarsCharacters mod but I want to use the MemeMod. Any help would be great.
Update: v1.2 has finally come! With over 45 new characters, and 10 new cars, including such priceless artifacts like the Bart-giving-a-thumbs-up car, and some insane usage of VideoTextureSupport and many other texture changes, this update is MASSIVE.
Update: v1.2 fix update is out! 3D Phonebooth Previews is a Supported Mod now, so that it doesn't conflict. Waluigi Strikers was made as tall as normal Waluigi, and fixed some textures in levels 1 and 6.
How The Heck Do I Use Le Characters
Hi XD best mod ever i need a new car plz a flying pizza ufo XD
It's not working for me
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