Multi-Meme v1.4 - Release

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I have a Suggestion, There Should be More Voice lines for More Characters, For Example Mario, Luigi or Kirby, the only Character I found with voice lines was SpongeBob it would be great to Have Rick and Morty some funny Lines
i just cant get it too work
Multi-Meme v1.4 is out! Hundreds more characters than the last! 10% less Dragon Ball! DAVID HASSELHOFF! Download now!
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You should add the Boy and Girl Inkling, the Boy and Girl Octoling, Pearl, Marina, Callie and Marie to this pack.
You should also add Stitch, Timon, and a Roblox guest to the mod
i have only downloaded the multi meme mod v1.4 and i dont know how to change skins im stuck as homer i dont even know to to go in multiplayer mode helppppppp
Download the Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Multiplayer launcher (client) from here. Drag the Multi-Meme 1.4 LMLM file onto the Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Multiplayer launcher application. Set up the launcher as needed (not changing anything on the "Server" tab), and then click "Launch" to start. You can switch character models back and forth with the >. and ?/ keys respectively.
Do you put it in your mods folder and also how come I can't find the characters how do you
How i can see the launcher application?
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