Snake's Summer - Version 0.2! NEW MISSION!

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The download link has been temporarily removed while I sort out an issue with permissions. It should be back up at some point today.

Some of the vehicles I used were from "Jack's Lore Friendly Car Pack". I credited him in the mod and on the thread and was under the impression the cars from the mod were OK to use, as the mod was decompilable and I had seen the cars in other users' mods. However, he later told me he wanted modders to ask permission to use them, a policy which is now stated on the thread. I am currently waiting for a reply from him stating whether or not I can use the cars. If not, I will find suitable replacements for them in the mod. Sorry for the inconvenience! A blunder on my part but it will be fixed soon.
I know Yellow Shift is broken but if I had a link then I could try to make my own custom mod using yours as a template. (Never made a mod)

Also I have some ideas of what I would want as a Mod:

Bart The Maniac (Bart robbing banks, Play As Chief Wiggum Level 1, Homer Level 2.)
The Indian's Revenge (Apu, Missions to do with the Kwik E Mart, Such as stealing stock)
Monty's Old Phase (Mr. Burns becoming broke, Losing his stuff & having the Simpsons Help. Maggie Ending.)
Improved HUD (A nice smooth bold look of all UI.)
As I said, the link unfortunately isn't available at the moment. Also, please try to keep the topic of posts on the mod itself.
@jamiethegreatQ777, You can find any decompilable mod and use it as a template, Buzz Team mods are mostly decompilable, so, look for 'em.
You also don't even need to credit the creators as long as you're not copying content/assets from the decompiled mod
Btw, good luck with mod-making! :p
Got to play this mod,it was really good,i cannot wait for 0.2! (If that happens,obviously.)
New version released!
nice mod you got there
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Please don't bump old threads, mods that are older don't have links anymore for some reason.
the link isnt working, dang
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