Waylon's Story - Open Beta 2.8.2 [Discontinued]

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Hello people! My name is Gordon and I'm the guy who tries to make mods here
As you know, I made some shitty mods in the past, like Springfield Noire and Homer's Adventure. Yes, I made a lot of mistakes while developing them, BUT, I have learned a lot of stuff, based off my own mistakes (Lack of debugging and rushing respectively), and thus, I'll try to make a mod that's way better than both SNoire and HA.


I've noticed that almost everybody uses the main cast of the characters (Homer, Bart, etc) as protagonists in their mods, (With the exception of MaxWalker's mods, lol) So I decided to create a mod, that focuses around some of the background characters, such as Mr. Smithers
Tired of the main characters? Want to play as secondary characters, that weren't used by modders before? Well, then here you are! Waylon's Story mod features 3 new levels(34 new missions in total, including street races and bonus missions!), fully redesigned HUD and a lots more!
Mr. Burns gets kidnapped! Will Waylon be able to save him? Play as Smithers for 3 levels and find it out!



WARNING: This modification is in it's eternal beta state, and it's unsupported. I may fix a critical bug, but the mod itself won't be continued
Link: Click here

Dev Team and Special Thanks

Developer - Gordon CMB
Main Beta Testers - Jay_mate, Filipfff, AssFairy, Sid3300, Colou, MorganVain
Special thanks to - Quantic Dream for 6 Soundtracks from their recent game; MorganVain for his Forensic Police Van model, and YoursDiddilyTruly for his Church HUD icon. Thanks guys!
This idea seems pretty interesting (also because Smithers is one of my favorite characters) and these screenshots make me curious, so I'd love to be a beta tester :D
same here
I'd be happy to beta test.
why is broken link but how to fixed the download PLZ HELP ME
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I'd be available for beta testing. David44, link is not broken, it's not available yet.
Also, i agree in saying that both SNoire and HA were buggy and monotone, respectively.
Particularly regarding HA, i think that four levels with the same character and total absence of plot are pretty boring. I hope that this new mod will have a plot and well-done missions.
oh is not broken is atter doing hope it fixed
What do you mean by "fixed"? I'll try everything I can to avoid bugs and crashes (like, I already added tons of huge triggers to locators, so you can't miss them while driving to the target even by using shortcuts, cheat keys and whatever else you can use to avoid triggers ;) )
ok but how to fixed this download
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