Waylon's Story - Open Beta 2.8.1 Available! [Discontinued]

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The mod is still in development so it doesn't have a link, as is stated on the post.
But It Link Is Broken Maybe It Well Fixed
Link is not broken, it's just doesn't exists
Mod development was started in the beggining of the week, and I have a lot of work to do before publishing the mod. If I'm gonna rush the mod again, it's definetely going to be bad, so, stay calm, and wait for the updates
ok fine i cant wait but hey is this testing to make the simpsons hit & run game looks like a demo from ps2 on e3
Uh..No, this testing is to improve the mod, which focuses around Smithers and Burns, no PS2 E3 Demos
You should read description a little bit more carefully
I wouldn't mind beta testing.
i know
it looks like a demo was back in 2003
[removed]1 year
I wouldn't mind beta testing this mod for you, all your mods shar missions you make seem intresting Good luck on this mod mate :)
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