Waylon's Story - Open Beta 2.8.1 Available! [Discontinued]

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come on are you done that or not
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I can't finish this mod within 24 hours, developing a mod is not a race, it's more like drawing: If you go slowly and carefully, this is gonna be a masterpiece, but if you're gonna rush....Just remember how bad SNoire was
Be patient, and wait for updates
but i can wait of the mods finish
I wouldn't mind beta testing it.
I would absolutely love to BETA test Waylon's Story, I'm a great bug finder ;)
Looks awesome, would love to help beta test! :D
Gotta inform you, that the "beta testers hiring period" is now over. Currently, there's 4 testers. If I'll need more, I will re-open it and continue hiring testers. Thanks everybody for your support, and sorry I wasn't able to hire more testers, but don't be upset, you will still have a chance in other mods!

One more thing: Level 1 is practically-almostly finished, a couple of missions, dialogues and retextures are still left untouched, there will be no trailers, but indeed a lot of leaks ;)

And another thing: If you wanted to help with beta testing, but didn't got into the testing team, you, and, basically, everyone, can help me with the mod development! Simply DM me in the Discord, and I'll give you a task that I can't complete by myself (such as 3D modelling, damn, I'd really like some help there). After that, you will be credited in the mod's "Special Thanks" category.

As for now, be patient, and wait for future updates!
Heads up! The demo version is now available to download!
It will feature unique HUD, first 4 missions of Level 1(Including tutorial), and two new vehicles to purchase (Well, not exactly new, but...)
There's currently no dialogues, no bonus mission, no streetraces and no collector cards, but, hey, it's just a demo. Things will certainly change in the release version

Happy playing, and wait for future updates!
yes is here
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