Waylon's Story - Open Beta 2.8.1 Available! [Discontinued]

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It's time to answer some questions
I know this cutscene is a bit ugly, but, hey, it's just an early concept of what those dialogues will look like in the future.
I'm planning to add some kind of a 2-minutes long dialogue with Burns occasionally criticizing your driving skills
Uh...He's gonna barricade himself inside...Yeah!
1. Will block off the ramp with an impromtu barrier so you wouldn't drive there.
2. Also, will possibly add a small cutcsene where Smithers fixes the leaks (similar to HD cutscenes and SNoire bomb defusal)
1. Burns wants to buy some cream, so, he asks Smithers to do this
2. Sedan is supposed to confuse the player more than Smithers, I'll change the text to something like "HUH? IGNORE IT..."
3. This is not a regular collect stage, it's a race and collect stage, Sedan can't normally win tho, since he tends to crash into the walls and doesn't wants to take some shortcuts, so, this was made to keep player tensed
1. Whoops, should've looked over on dictionary
2. Yeah, this probably should be changed
3. Well, I played with music, and made it as loud as bollywood03. None of the testers complained about loudness at all, I'll decrease the noise from the van's engine tho
4. I'm trying to make mod's difficulty harder with each mission, so I dunno if 1 minute would be hard enough. Also, both testers and I were able to beat the mission without infinite amount of fails

The van is kinda an easter egg, containing stupid references and things like this
"Hi *nickname*" is for the users who either helped me and made it into the Special Thanks tab, or the testers, so, yeah
What I meant with the cream is that you could make it look like a daily routine or at least put burns at the bottom of the stairs. Constantly walking up and down gets irritating after a while.

To make to 2 minutes with avoiding harder, block off the ramp behind the fire engine during that mission because if I park my car there the cops won't come anywhere near me and I can stay still for the rest of the mission and win.

Thanks for replying.
This is looking like a very interesting mod. Keep it up Gordon, and soon you will be a master modder
So, the last demo is now available!
It features 4 new bonus missions (three street races(Two of them aren't actually races) and a bonus mission(Which wasn't completely finished, but it's still playable))
Also, most of content was added/changed, based on community/tester feedback, huge thanks to you, guys!
+ The mod features much cleaner version of that L1M5 music, new custom font and much more!

So, that's probably it, but, as usual, I may be missing something

That's it for now, happy playing! :p
Could just be a one off but I got a crash the moment the 2 minute Hit & Run began on M5
I've tested the mission numerous times and it was going just fine
Probably I fucked it up somehow without noticing? Well, if more people gonna report about this bug, I'll look into it
fair enough, it doesn't seem like an issue anyways
Hey, hey! I've decided to open beta testing, now, absolutely everyone could launch this mod, and play it!
This beta features every mission (with the exception of L3, since Industrial Zone is still not available to use, and some minor L2 races), a couple of new buyable vehicles, a new costume, 48000 hz D:BH soundtracks used in some missions and much more
You can leave some feedback here, it's not required, but it will help me detect more bugs and issues.
Happy playing!
Been a while since I posted on here, this looks interesting. Gonna check it out.
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