Waylon's Story - Open Beta 2.8.1 Available! [Discontinued]

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hi, i was playing this mod and when i reached the third level, the game stops and says that there's a missing file that is called L3_cards, i don't know if it is something wrong in the mod or it is my bad, please help
Mod is in development, and L3 is not even touched yet. I copied every asset from Homer's Adventure, so, that's why you see this "L3_cards" error bug
I always love playing as other characters rather the Simpson's family [Apu is an exception]
So far it been an Okey mod, Any mod is usually welcome for me, since it's playing SHAR on a different way!~
But I noticed a few things and I dont' know if we can suggest some stuff but I'll throw some ideas here and there!

-Why not make this one near the Kwik E Mart area, and to start it, talk to Apu or press ACTION on the Arcade machines in the Kwik E Mart? Maybe a combination of both [talk to Apu, walk to the machines, mission starts. Like how L1 M5 on SHAR does, needing to sit on the sofa to start the mission] if it's even possible, that is. So it's less random the Exploding people.
-Also, Maybe us not start in a car?

-I think It would be better to say "The poor side of Springfield" rather "Power Plant area" since we never touch the Power Plant area besides barely the Parking Lot.

-I think It would be more fun If we should NOT achieve Hit & Run rather constantly have them and at any point lose
-Speaking of losing at any point, the Speed limit seems a little off, even for the challenge's name, I mean, it's a game about crashing, going at high speeds, etc.
-Aaaand speaking of that too....the 100K/h limit speed is not working properly, I been running up to 130k/h!

SR4/Wagger Racer
-I think we should have less time here, Since we have one piece of a car right at the start of the mod

SR3 and Wagger Racer
-Maybe move the checkpoints before and after the shortcuts, rather on a place where you have to go back if you taked a shortcut....that or close the shortcuts with something [like how some mods did inmovable Fire Trucks]

Bonus Mission
-Now Here I wonder...is the WWII Jeep With Rocket a placeholder? cause I think I saw the prize was a "Ghost Rocket" but either prizes seems a little bit...tooo off coming from Flanders? usually Bonus missions rewards a vehicle used by the NPC.

-Well, Nice touch with the passenger, but If the player gets in the car from the right side, Smithers will open the door and clip with Burns and then go to the driver's seat
-Speaking of passenger, Mr. Burns dissapears if you reset the mission [I had a crash for that when reaching the Power Plant]
-If there's a way to make the NPCs that comes out of the destroyed car is an employee rather a random one or none at all? I saw a Kid npc coming out from them and I'm sure kids are not employees! lol [Maybe Lenny, Carl and one of thoose suited employees be the ones who escape? they would need car replace though]
-Employees cars do not have the "Destroy" mark on them, wich could lead to some confusion

-I think It would be more funny to have as objective "Find Homer and the Donut Truck somewhere near the School area" having to go to were the Donut Truck chase end. While when reaching there, an AI could control the Donut Truck while we try to stop Homer at the same time wich would try to chase the truck [Not needed at all, the Donut Truck could stay]
-Like you did on M1, We could have Homer as passenger when we get Him in the car after destroying His.
-For Some reason a sound that is heard on the Power Plant is heard all the mission [or just when we recover Homer]

-I think It would fit more if we had one single timer for the first portion of the mission, as in, Tubes are leaking, must stop the leaking in time [and would also fit with the "that was close" dialogue] afterwards is all fine

-Nothing wrong with this one, except that the Sedan you race has no Race symbol floating above it

-Maybe end it with destroying the vehicle afterwards losing the Police? so no trace is left of the job

-The Investigation van part could start near the accident area wich happens on one of the extra missions, with all the evidence of that accident
-[A bit optional] Snake could be more of a "Follow Vehicle" without the need of the items, and He could stop at a Gas Station to refill, while the Player does His objective

-If it's a "Sneaky Cop" why there's one right behind us with no mark and the suppousedly sneaky one quite far away?
-Also a bar with no use when we have to search for Mr. Burns

Overall, it's a nice mod, but needs polishings~ But I like playing it, Hope it's fine to suggest thoose stuff, not saying you HAVE to, since you are the mod creator
Next time when I have time, Level 2!
I know that I'm not Gordon (Or am I?), but this is just a demo, FygarZX. Not the finished thing. Stuff like this is expected in a demo.
Thanks for your feedback, @FygarZX! Now I'm gonna answer it

-I dunno how well street races and interiors mix. Don't think I'm gonna replace the starting location tho
-Yeah, not entirely sure what happens, but the game forces the player into the car no matter what, even tho I've tried everything to prevent that from happening. Can't promise it will be fixed, but, I'll try my best to deal with it


-That's a challenge, so, it should be hard, right?
-And that's the point of this particular challenge, there will be more various challenges in the future, I swear
-That's like a developer "trick" or "shortcut" or whatever it's called. There is an illusion of 100 kmh being the maximum speed, so the player tries to drive more slowly than 130, which is the actual limit...I now realised it doesn't works well, so I'll do some shennanigans a bit later

-Sure thing

-Which checkpoints exactly?

-Yep. I don't actually know which car will be a reward, but I'll think about it

-Oh, right, completely forgot about fixing that. Will be fixed
-Fixed the issue, thanks for reporting!
-Will do
-Can't do, since it's a destroycars objective, not a regular destroy one

-Why would Homer try and pursue the truck if he ordered the donuts? Don't think I'm gonna add this, besides, Smithers doesn't knows Homer's location, so that's why he chases the Donut Truck
-Right, will add this
-Uh, music is normal M2 "theme" here. Or you mean the ambience sounds?

-I'll concider adding this

-"delivery" is the objective here not "race", so, that's why there is no floating icon

-I like that idea, could "introduce" player to that "destroy your car" mechanic used in L2

-Then the next stage (driving to Lard Lads) will be much easier. Dunno about this actually
-We're robbing him. Besides, there were no follow + collect missions before, so, yeah

-I'm planning on fully reworking that mission, so it make much more sense. Also, L2 events make more sense too, when this mission's reworked ofc
-It's used to prevent players from driving away from Burns, not sure why I added this though

Huge thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked the mod :p
Yup! I know it's a Demo!~ But thats why I suggest some of the stuff, It would be easier to fix or change some stuff now rather when the game or Level is fully developed

@Gordon CMB
No problem xp Glad you did liked the feeedback [I usually stink for doing em]

Alright I understand!

-I don't really remember most of them, But one of them, right in the entrance of Stonecutter's tunnel prevents the player from taking the right entrance of Mr.Burns Mansion, and if you wanted to take the left one you would need to U-Turn or go backwards so you don't lose time. And I thiiiiink we also have another checkpoint on the acid filled area inside the Power Plant, wich also forces the player to go back to the left if they taked the Mr Burns Mansion shortcut

-Okay, I would suggest a change [like a Traffic Sedan] for place-holder since would fit Flanders more, but why change a place-holder anyways

-Aaah, okay. Too bad, but it isn't hard to keep with them anyways

-I guess you are right, I was thinking more of the Donut Truck going away and Homer be like "Hey, Where you going" and starts following, but wouldn't make muuuch sense, The Donut Truck could just stay. And about the location, could be just called "Find Homer, somewhere" As we go to that area.
-Yep, ambience sounds! If you stay inside the Power Plant after the parking lot you will hear the same ambience sound, and this one is heard all over the mission, If it doesn't sounds then try pausing the game after completing each objective

Ah, okay. It was weird losing to the Sedan cause it reached the last item before me [could add something to tell the player that will lose if the Sedan reaches said last item. But I guess it would be easy to undersand already]

-Yeah, true.. But I think the hard thing about the stage is getting the evidence and following snake picking up the items rather reaching Lard Lads
-Ah, okay

-Okay, can't wait to see the new version of it
-Oh haha. Well, guess it could be changed for a much, much shorter time [like how L7 M1 tells you to go inside your vehicle with a time limit]

And well, Once I play M2 I might do another feedback on It :p
It appears that I did not recognize that your post was feedback, FygarZX.

That's an error.
That's okey~

@Gordon CMB
Now since I played the L2, I'll do the same thing I did with L1!

Bonus Mission
-Fat Tony's Limo is a bit too long to do that U-Turn on the Firetruck's area, I think it would be easier if He did a lap arround the buildings like the Cell Phone cars do on SHAR L2 M7. Cause We can't afford to waste time arround with the cops following and if you go too far so police cars don't bother, Tony would already leave. That or make Him do an U-Turn right after the long tunnel
-Finish the level Unlocks the aformentioned on the lastest comment "WWII Jeep with rocket" wich you already unlock on the L1 "accidentally" But okey, I know it's a placeholder as you said. Just a mention.
-If you still have cops arround when you finish following Tony, they will still pursue you. Luckly getting arrested doesn't makes your mission fail after the chase.

-Maybe make the Red Car a bit more Resilent? I had various attempts on it in wich the Red Car almost destroys itself or by the Cop Cars/Backup fault

-Could force the player to use another car [maybe a traffic car?] rather the Mr. Burns limo for the destruction/doll part? Would make sense to not destroy the Mr. Burns limo, as we can still use it afterwards, not necessarily the next mission. [I did noticed we get no charge fee to repair it via a phoneboot after destroying it though.] Unless our car for the L3 is a different one, then I can do understand that.

Cars [Either usable or NPCs only]
-Cars like the HotDog Truck and the Armored Truck on the Bonus Mission [thoose that have damage textures] have the default model's version when they are progressively being damaged

And I guess that is for now! since there's no Street Races yet. I liked that M7, I think that's an okey ending for the Mission
-That's actually a pretty neat idea, will implement
-Can't do anything here, with the exception of changing the "bill" to 0

-Not really sure, since both testers and I tested this mission lots of times, and none of us managed to destroy the car

-Nah, I have some plans to use a new default vehicle in L3. This mission kinda explains why Smithers has to use a different car in the next level, so, yeah. Can't do anything about re-using it after destroying it though

-These cars aren't finished, especially, the Hot Dog van

Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions, I really appreciate it!
Level 1 Mission 7 Was crashing every time I spoke to carl to do the mission
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