Waylon's Story - Open Beta 2.8.1 Available! [Discontinued]

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There is no Carl in the mod, don't actually know what's the issue, but try installing the latest version of the mod and see if it helps
(Old saves aren't compatible)
[deleted user]1 year
I have finally played and finished this mod (I actually started it last week and did first level but left the second level for another time and today I decided to finish it). I enjoyed what I have played/seen so far, however like always, I will always post what could be improved and what bugs I found, as well as thoughts so far regarding the missions, difficulty, etc. Please keep in mind I played Beta 2.8 which has the first 2 levels and I noticed level 2 is a bit rushed but I will get into it shortly.

The missions themselves are great and make use of the newest features of Lucas Launcher. I like the story of the mod and although there are a few missions that are a bit repetitive, the missions are challenging enough to keep you busy for a while.

Speaking of missions, I didn't have much trouble completing them, in first level some of later ones started getting quite difficult but I was lucky enough to complete entire first level in first try (including bonus and side missions). Like I was very lucky to not fall behind following the kidnapper or avoiding the cops, in the final mission for example, I fell behind 2-3 times and yet I was able to catch up (the bar nearly got empty).
In level 2 I did have 2 missions failed, the one where I was supposed to put tracking device on a red car (that looks like cell phone car) I got in my car immediately as I completed my objective and immediately failed, which confused me but I read the tip that said that it made me suspicious, so I redid that beginning part of mission, I waited until the car got far and I got objective to get in my car, so after that the mission played fine. In last mission of second level I got busted one time (2 times actually, but only first time was what caused me to fail) because I didn't understand at first how to destroy cops and THEN I realized after avoiding them that I must try to lure them into destroying themselves as that's how you destroy 4 police cars without getting caught. After that I got lucky enough to solve the mission while avoiding the cops and then I got into the planned level 3, which crashed the game (I will immediately get to this part).

However aside from that, I didn't have any other problems with the main missions. But now it's time for reports:

First, in both levels, you can't get 100% because there are several causes for that:
In first level, there are no gags present (despite saying there are 16 in total), so you can't activate any of them. There is also an unreachable card in the cemetery that's supposed to open in level 7, I assume there is a way to get in there currently but I haven't found how.
In second level, there are 6 gags present you can activate (although stats include only 5, so you will have 6/5 if you activated all of them) and there is another unreachable card (one that is in a place that can be reached by jumping on steam vents in level 5 only) and there are also side missions that don't work, I assume they weren't implemented yet. And of course trying to change the clothes crashes game (in first level you can change to only one piece of clothing, required for a mission).
But the more important thing is that the bonus mission doesn't seem to fully work. I can start and complete most of it fine but after I destroy the 2 cop cars twice (when I have to prevent them from reaching the truck), I get to collect the loot but then the game almost crashed or froze or something, the image became black and I went to task manager to shut down Simpsons.exe and saw another window Internal Error or something like that but I couldn't access it or go back to my Simpsons.exe, so I had to shut down the application and then start the game again and resume since last time (good thing I save often after each mission).

Other than that I had another issue that was mentioned previously which includes when you enter level 3, you get an error about l3_cards file or something like that. I know this is placeholder as mod is meant to have 3 levels but I would have preferred if you made game end at last mission of level 2, instead of screwing up your save file if you decided to save. Luckily there is a way to get past that, go to scrap book and select a mission from either level 1 and 2 and then you can go back to the completed save, so if you feel like exploring further, you can do that instead of being stuck.

And a few more glitches in scrap book include: trying to view cards shows the original cards for some reason (other mods that had custom scrap book images like this one, didn't have this issue I think), if you view vehicles you got so far in level 1, the game crashes (saying something about missing gramR_v file, could be because WWII Vehicle with rocket doesn't have a phone booth image) and if you view the clothes in level 1, the 2 unavailable clothes appear very big.

Other than that I don't really have anything to say, I liked the mod and I hope to see it finished one day. I'm just disappointed that you chose to use industrial zone for level 3, I mean Donut Mod 4 hasn't been released yet and you already want to use Industrial Zone map. I'd personally prefer if you choose either level 3 or level 6 map for the third level. Considering that first level was fourth level and second level was same level 2 with sunset theme, I imagine third level could be same level 3 with a day theme or something like that, that would be quite interesting to see.

If I will remember something else, I will edit the post and include anything I missed or make new one, if you reply first.

Oh and sorry if I bring this up but do you intend to fix the previous mod Springfield Noire and reupload it? Or do you (or anyone else) still have the mod? As unfinished and buggy as it was, I would still like to play it as I never tried the mod before, I was stupid enough to not download when was available and instead wait for a fixed version to be available, not thinking it would get cancelled. I did a big mistake and I hope someone still has the mod somewhere. Thanks! And looking forward to your upcoming mods!
Huge thanks for your feedback!

Now I'm gonna, obviously answer it

So, yeah, dumping the police cars into the walls is the only way(or probably...) to beat the stage in L2M7. I'm always trying to create something unique and fun

You can't get 100% because, well, mod is still in beta state. Those unreachable cards are actually reachable, but, only during specific missions. How do you reach them? Find out by yourself! Don't wanna spoil the fun :P
Clothes are a bit painful to make, but I'll deal with this. Same goes for Street Races, but much less painfuler.
Not sure the heck happened in L2BM, I've tested the crap out of it, and even though I consider it extremely unfinished, I still was able to beat it multiple times

Level 3 is going to be an Industrial Zone, 'cause I have the plot setted in it, and I don't really want to change it, but if DM4 gonna take really long, I'll consider that

Springfield Noire...Uh, well, I could, but that's unlikely. Don't wanna mess with it again
About "copies": I have it, and I often use it to get assets from (mostly copying mission scripts to shorten time writing new missions). I'm not gonna share it publically, so, either through Discord, or, a mail. Yeah, I guess mail is an option too

Anyways, huge thanks for your feedback again! Made me feel much better about this mod
What happens if the Industrial Zone is not available to users.
[deleted user]1 year
No problem, Gordon. I like providing feedback after I play through the mods.

I see. The mission was quite challenging but it's interesting to see new objectives being made for the missions, instead of the repetitive missions featured in the original game. Since ASF (Additional Scripting Functionality), we have quite a couple new objectives being used as of lately.

Speaking of cards, ah I see, I was thinking it's something along these lines but could you please give me a hint which are those missions (and possibly which exact objective) that allow you to get those cards? I recall a mod I played a year ago called Metal Arms in Springfield, had a similar secret trick that you had to beat a certain side mission multiple times in order to get an unreachable card. But in that mod I figured out which mission I had to beat several times, while here I couldn't figure out yet. So a minor hint is greatly appreciated at least...

I see. Maybe disabling the clothing shops in level 2 would have been better in this case, although I tend to save most of times before going to buy clothes/vehicles in mods, especially in situations like these.

Weird, for me the bonus mission glitched at that point. I will try the mission later today again and let you know if it glitches again. I also recall at least one of police cars (in second phase) reaching the truck but nothing bad happened, so I guess this might be a reason for game acting out weird? I could try to destroy the police cars faster but the second time they are quite tricky as I'm already busy destroying one police car while the other gets closer, so yesterday I had no problem dealing with first group but for second group I damaged one police car enough and left it to destroy for later to try to stop the other incoming one. I guess my plan didn't work quite well but I will see today when I explore the mod further to get rest stuff I missed.

Well ok if you say so, but my problem is mod shouldn't remain unfinished or on hold just until DM4 gets released. What if they don't allow Industrial Zone to be used in mods? Even if they do, I'm sure we'd still have to wait at least several mods until DM4 comes out and I'd rather prefer if this mod gets finished sooner, so I'm more in favor for using Level 3 layout for Level 3, at least for now. Maybe if you want, later you could use Industrial zone as level 4 for both Waylon's Story and Homer's Adventure as I remember HA was planned to have 4 levels in total, isn't it?

Hmm, in that case I will choose the mail option as I don't have or use Discord (sorry to everyone out there, I'm just not used to it and don't plan anytime soon to use it) but if you give me your mail somewhere (maybe put it on your profile page), I will send you a mail to ask about the mod. I just wish this forum had a PM feature like the other forums out there. I hope the future site updates will include a PM system, I recall the old version of the forum back in late 2013 or early 2014 when I registered in this forum, it had a simple PM system but after a while it was removed for some reason.

And once again you're welcome.

And DeepFriedBurger, if Industrial Zone will not be available for people to use in their mods, I guess they will continue using the existing levels, at least until the Map Builder comes out as I've heard there will be a Map Builder coming out some day. I haven't heard news about it in a while, though.

EDIT: Weird, according to the site it says I'm registered since March 2013 but I clearly remember registering in either late 2013 or early 2014, as I remember the first videos about Donut Mod (Project Donut) were in September/October 2013, I perfectly remember that. I guess it's a small forum error.
'k, hints
In some mission of L2, you get teleported near the death trigger that teleports you to the roof
In one of the first missions of L1, don't drive back to work, take a stop and enjoy the view
Yeah, those hints are lame, but, I guess everyone now will be able to solve them and get the card

I think I might change L2BM at some point. Sometimes you fail the mission, sometimes not. And I can't place them further because of how game handles races. If you're too far away from the car - you automatically lose the race no matter what

I'll think, I'll think, I'll think. Don't wanna bring HA back from the dead really, since I have plans for yet another mod set in the Industrial Zone, damn. Seems like I'm gonna use the hell out of it.
I also doubt Industrial Zone wouldn't be available, since, well, Loren said it. But it was a long time ago, and there is a probability plans will change
Screenshot of Loren saying it:

You can find my mail on my YT channel under the "ABOUT" tab. I never tried hiding it tbh
[deleted user]1 year
Thanks! About the hints, I will figure how to get the cards, no problem. However I only want to ask about second level, does it have to do with one early mission where I ended up on top of Krusty Burger near the place I'm talking about, which was part of the mission? I will give you more details in that mail I will send shortly, I don't want the hints revealed here on this topic.

About L2BM, I see. Well yeah the way the races are programmed to automatically fail if you fall too far behind is a bit annoying, so I understand why you made like this. I guess that's why the cars drive slowly. I remember a similar mission featured in Metal Arms in Springfield, where you had to prevent certain cars to reach something. Makes me wonder if you got inspiration from here or it was your own idea? Not that I'm very curious about it, I'm just wondering.

Ah, I see. So the Industrial Zone will be available as separate download. I wonder if it will also be its own level separately, not necessary with missions, just featuring the map, possibly with its own gags, wasps, clothes, etc. Maybe I should ask that in a separate topic as I don't like getting off-topic.

I never said anything about hiding it but thanks anyway, I will find it on your YouTube channel, then I will mail you with further questions and to get the SN mod that I missed back then, as it looked promising.

EDIT: A bit late to edit but with help from Gordon through mail, I was able to find out the remaining cards. And I also managed to do bonus mission in level 2 without crashing. And I was also given access to Springfield Noire mod, so I could finally experience it. Many thanks!
Well, the mod's discontinued too, I've also added a decompilable version if someone wants to lurk inside the files
Have fun there
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