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[deleted user]1 year
Hey there. I have recently played and finished Road Rage Returns and I must say I really enjoyed it, although there were a few parts that frustrated me and I will point them below shortly.

First, I will start saying that the mod is well made and captures both the feeling of original Road Rage, as well as Hit & Run, as if Road Rage was released as an addon/expansion for Hit & Run. I have never played Road Rage before, however I did see it on YouTube before, like back in 2007-2008 for first time, after I was already familiar with Hit & Run, which I've finished a few times 100% by that time. In comparison, RR was nothing more than a Crazy Taxi clone and I will say it was good, but nothing more than that. While Hit & Run was much better in that it was a GTA styled game and offered more freedom and was more enjoyable overall.

Now there were a few things I didn't like about the mod and I will start with the 2 major bugs that didn't get fixed in the latest version that I played. Both of the bugs involve the first two Nelson races in levels 1 and 2. In the first level, after talking with Nelson and mission screen appearing, the game crashes immediately. I tried this a couple of times and the game always crashed, thus I couldn't complete the whole level fully, not that it mattered much as the level percentage is also glitched and shows as -1.$ or something like that.

The second bug involving the Nelson race in level 2, was different. The race starts as usual and it's relatively fine until a later part where there seems to be an invisible wall, preventing me and the other racers from continuing the race. Even exiting vehicle or destroying it didn't fail the race, so I was forced to cancel the race, which caused the game to crash when I started the race from Ralph. However after starting the game again, I could start the Ralph race just fine. It might had to do with leftovers from the previous race or something.

Outside of these, I didn't have any problems with the rest of races in the game (well except the later one in level 3 which we will get shortly), outside of fact that opponents seemed to get lost because they didn't do where to go. I understand the maps can be confusing but I guess their AI path can be changed a bit? And also another thing to point out regarding races, in Ralph race in level 2, there was a checkpoint that was far away from the current location, which is what also caused the racers to get confused. I suggest making the races a bit more clear where to go, in level 2 at least. In level 3 the races were clear and the working ones in level 1 weren't that bad either.

Now speaking of missions, most of them were fun and well done. However there was at least one mission that I HIGHLY suggest to be balanced because for me it wasn't fun at all and kept failing it until I skipped it (I eventually completed the mission the next day). I will get to it shortly.

The first mission I failed was the 4th one (I think? It was the second Homer mission) in level 2 where you must race the other drivers to get the ice cream and then to gas station. I failed it twice because of that stupid small green car that won, it felt much faster than the other 2 vehicles I was racing and also its small size allowed to get past traffic vehicles that I crashed into. Otherwise it wasn't that bad, I guess I might have gotten a bit unlucky here.

The second mission I failed (and the last one, not counting the difficult race/challenge in level 3) was and the LAST mission of level 2 and the one that frustrated me the most that I couldn't believe myself. It is another mission where you help Homer and thing is this mission has so many objectives, which aren't too bad but I will explain shortly why is bad. You have to get a couple of things, then talk to Snake to get fireworks, then collect nuclear waste, then avoid Chief Wiggum, then collect remaining waste and THEN destroy the goddamn nuclear bus. Here is where I failed in all my 10-15 attempts: I always failed to destroy the nuclear bus in 1 minute and 20 seconds. No matter how much I would ram into him, I could never destroy in time, forcing me to redo all the objectives before, only to fail again, every single damn time! There are a few factors into this, such as the annoying traffic vehicles, the bus being fast and hard to trick into walls and very difficult to destroy, as well as the time limit being a bit low in my opinion. I remember coming close to destroy it multiple times, including once whole bar filled out but I needed a few more seconds to destroy it. Initially after failing like 7 or so times, I was offered to skip mission, so I did that since it was late and I was fed up with this mission, I reached level 3 and left like that.

The next day I played a bit of level 3 (mostly side content) until I returned to level 2 and tried that stupid mission again and after a couple more attempts, I FINALLY destroyed the bus with a few seconds left and finished this mission. I feel like the mission wasn't properly tested, I don't know how you guys could do it in this short time limit but I wish there was more time given to destroy it, like 1:30-1:40 or even 2 minutes, since most of time the time limits are generous in this mod. I feel like I was missing something, I figured that you must make the bus crash hard into a wall with you behind its back pushing it, doing about half damage of its bar. I did watch Nightbane Games' video to see how he was doing the mission and he seemed to get VERY lucky when he did the mission, he managed to make the bus crash hard TWICE and finish mission in FIRST try, while I could NEVER make the bus crash like that TWICE in same attempt. The bus always got away (even when I once made the bus STUCK at the Duff brewery) or a stupid traffic vehicle prevented me or the bus into going to desired location to maximize the damage. I never had that much trouble with a mission before, even in 2017 when I played Donut Mod 3 on Hellfish difficulty or all the mods I've played before (outside of maybe a certain mod I wouldn't like to mention again due to even its own author hating the mod), no mission has given me that much trouble before. I'm sorry if I sounded nitpicking but I just felt something wrong about this mission.

Anyway level 3 was much better balanced, no mission gave me trouble, with exception of that rather interesting Ralph challenge which was different and a bit difficult. It took me 4 tries and as punishment for failing, I lost 60 coins in total (110 if you also count getting busted once in previous level) but since I had everything bought, coins weren't an issue anymore, as such I finished the mod with about 400 coins.

Outside of these issues, I feel like the mod was well done and really appreciate the work has been put into it. I'm looking forward to Donut Mod 4 and the next update of Road Rage Returns. If there's going to be a major update someday, could you guys please make a small update to current version to fix the Nelson races in first 2 levels, so I could finish the whole mod? As I know when a new version comes out, I will have to start over from beginning and I would like to have everything completed right now but it's ok if you don't release an update now as you are busy with Donut Mod 4. And besides, I can probably finish the race in level 2 by using Cheat Keys hack or something.
Hiya, we're working on a new update (, probably) that will hopefully address most or all of your concerns.

In the first level, after talking with Nelson and mission screen appearing, the game crashes immediately.
This was an oversight that meant the mission only worked occasionally depending on what traffic cars were in use (as this mod's traffic is random). This will be fixed in the new update.

the level percentage is also glitched and shows as -1.$ or something like that.
This is a technical limitation at this time caused by some of the level totals (like outfits for Levels 1 and 2) being 0.

The race starts as usual and it's relatively fine until a later part where there seems to be an invisible wall, preventing me and the other racers from continuing the race.
I looked into this a bit and it would seem I was building the wrong street race props into L2SR2's props file. I attempted to resolve this by fixing a typo and re-building the map but things got scary when I did that so I'll get back to you on this.

As for the other stuff you mentioned, I'll reply again sometime to address that or maybe Kenny will come in since he usually handles mission balancing.
[deleted user]1 year
Hey there Loren. Thanks for your reply (I noticed the reply when it was posted but forgot about writing a reply). Today I got reminded and have finally finished the races (well sort of) and I'm going to point out how I did for each:

First, thanks for your suggestion for the first race in Level 1. I have tried few more times until the correct traffic spawned and I was able to start the race. I needed to have a truck and the Police Car to appear as traffic vehicles and then I could start the race without crashing. I completed it, no problem. Saved, went to Level 2 and exited the game as I needed to enable Cheat Keys (see below).

The second race had that problem with the invisible wall as I remembered. Enabling Cheat Keys allowed me to finish the race (using F7 button only once each time I reached the invisible wall) and once I finished the race, unfortunately it crashed the game. I tried it 3 times, I gave up. On third try I tried quitting the game upon finishing the race, shortly before the game crashed at YOU WIN! message, just to try saving the game that way as game asked me but it didn't work sadly (I remember doing that once on a mod that also glitched to me and made me stuck in a mission shortly after I passed it, with similar results), and it even crashed the game upon exiting (after saving that way). I still had 2/3 races completed and 2/3 vehicles unlocked upon reloading the save on Level 2. I have no idea why is the game crashing in this case but it didn't let me to even save the game since upon finishing the mission as I need to wait until the main level objective appears but in this case it just causes the game to crash when that happens, thus giving me no time to save.

Overall I'm a bit disappointed this error wasn't spotted during development/testing, it appears like these sort of issues (which are major) get looked upon and end up in the released version. I'm sorry if I sound harsh but I am usually harsher towards crashing bugs like these rather than just minor bugs that can be easily sorted out.

The mod itself is still great, no doubt, but I hope these issues will be sorted in the next version. I especially wait for Kenny's reply in regards to that mission, since a while ago I watched some YouTuber play through the mod and he had to use Cheat Keys to pass that mission (L2M7) and I'm hoping it gets changed and maybe add a checkpoint somewhere in the mission since it's too long and failing close to the end of missions means you must play through whole mission again. I'm not the kind of guy who wants checkpoints that badly but I remember being irritated by that mission so much that I was also going to use Cheat Keys to pass it but I eventually got it on my 15th-20th try or something.

Question in regards to the mod: Is there going to be a new level? I know it's not a priority right now since I'm more excited for Donut Mod 4 than anything else but I'm asking since this mod has potential to evolve into a full 7-level mod. But like I said I'd rather have Donut Mod 4 get finished before, maybe even have Donut Mod get finished one day with full 7 levels.
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