Feet/Shoe Sounds

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Trying to change the order in which the characters appear in the game. Finding it quite annoying that the feet sounds seem to be fixed to the level (e.g. 'boots' sounds played on levels 1, 5 and 7). Any way of getting around this? Are the feet sounds part of a .rms file that I haven't found yet?
The sounds are defined in 5 SPT files inside scripts.rcf.

apu.spt (Level 5), bart.spt (Levels 2 and 6), homer.spt (Levels 1 and 7), lisa.spt (Level 3) and marge.spt (Level 4).

They all have the same daSoundResourceData names and which ones they use are probably hardcoded to the level but I haven't looked into this much outside of this.
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